Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, poop, we are in for it!

Ari got into the cabinets. She is better than the baby proofing we installed!

On the kitchen floor, there is an ice tray.

She is holding one of the Medela bottles I used to pump into.

Suddenly, I hear the water dispenser. Since when can she reach the water dispenser? Clearly, starting today, she can reach it just fine!

The grin on her face… The giggle… She is ecstatic!

And, well, we are in for it!

Her process:
Fill bottle with water
Bring bottle to ice tray on floor
Pour water from bottle onto ice tray

I need not worry about my child’s problem solving skills!

Furthermore, I can ask her to fill up the ice trays for me, should I ever need them!

Oh boy!

This stage is a lot of fun, for her and for me!

1 comment:

  1. That is AWESOME. I mean, seriously funny. How does she know how to fill the water bottle?

    Babyproofing is a joke. The Boy has gotten through every babyproofing device that we've had... in a manner of seconds. The only one that he hasn't gotten through is the Saftey 1st Secure Close Handle Lock - the one with the cables that feed into the device. Of course, that makes it hard for us to get in... such is life.