Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me, avoiding sweets and feeding my family whole grains?

Kids really do make you eat your nevers, as my mother-in-law is fond of saying!

It is no secret that I was never very good about eating healthy. I am 26 and I only started eating vegetables maybe eight years ago. My ex-boyfriend talked me into being ok with having a slice of tomato in my sandwich. My persistent husband took things a step further and talked me into eating salads! I am over fried foods. I cannot remember the last time I fried something. I have definitely been eating much healthier the past five years. Thank you, Geek!

Things changed drastically when I realized I was pregnant. I decided I would give it my all and really try to eat better because now it was no longer just about me. Whatever I ate would go to the little growing person inside me.

Once Arianna was born and I could notice the impact my eating habits have on her, I could not go back. Anything I eat is in the breast milk she drinks. I remember realizing at one point that I could not have anything with caffeine after 1pm. I was able to prove time and time again that what I eat shows up in her breast milk six hours later. I don’t like coffee. I quit drinking tons of soda a long time ago. But I do like to enjoy a piece of chocolate espresso torte every now and then! So it is either no torte or torte at noon!

For a while, I thought sugar was ok. It was not until very recently that it dunned on me that perhaps my having desert after dinner might be affecting her night sleep, and, therefore, ours. Sure enough, I no longer have anything sugary after 3pm and Ari is sleeping a lot better. She still wakes up twice in the middle of the night, but she goes back to sleep very easily. Please don’t tell anyone I said that or else I will be screwed tonight!

I will admit that I am not thrilled in the slightest about this! For some reason, I crave sugar in the evenings! I have realized that I have a choice: enjoy desert or breastfeed my baby (well, toddler, whatever!). I love yummy deserts, but I love breastfeeding more. So, here I am, craving something sweet almost every night and settling for All Bran whole grain crackers instead!

I have been complaining to Geeky Entrepreneur about this nonstop, but earlier today I read a post by Logical Mommy, one of my readers, who is breastfeeding her 1-month-old. She is going on what sounds to me like a hellish diet so she can keep breastfeeding her little one. Needless to say, I am done whining now!

Another change: I want to do my part in helping Arianna develop healthy eating habits. I don’t want her to struggle with eating healthy like I do. So, guess who is buying whole grain everything? Yes, we are eating brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat English muffins, and freakin’ whole-wheat crackers! What is even crazier is I actually think several types of whole-wheat crackers are tasty! Who would have known?!


  1. The diet isn't that bad. We've been on it many times before; because of my asthma and allergies, we've been avoiding dairy (milk in specific) and wheat for years. It's a lot easier than you think: rice noodles and quinoa instead of normal pasta, gluten free stuff whenever possible. We don't have a lot of sugary stuff in the house, anyway, because I'm a chick and watch my weight intently. The kosher thing means we haven't been able to have cheese at the table, anyway, and we have far more meat meals than dairy meals because I'm a carnivore and love protein.

    That doesn't even factor in the low-potassium, low-sodium diet that The Boy has to be on...

    Anyway, my point is, it becomes quite easy in time. If you don't buy the stuff, then it doesn't tempt you. We make going out for treats (NJ diner-style desserts, ice cream parlor, Rita's, et al) a big deal and a reward, so we don't do it more often than we should.

  2. Hopefully it will just be temporary. I was off dairy the first time around with David but I didn't have thrush. I just keep thinking, people have quit nursing for less, but I won't because I just don't see it as an option.

  3. Arianna was tongue-tied and so nursing was very painful for weeks. But, like you, I didn't consider quitting as an option, not even on cluster feeding nights. I hope you don't have to stick with the new diet for too long and I am glad to hear you are getting results already.