Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can I just kick 'em?

I am talking about the idiots who think a woman breastfeeding in public is wrong. Is it wrong for you to eat in public, dumbo? Why should I nurse in the bathroom? Why should I pump and bottlefeed my child when my boobs have the milk my child needs? If I was a gorgeous hottie with huge boobs and a nice shirt to show them off, you'd love looking at me. But if I nurse you are offended? The hell with you! Guess what? Grow up and get over it! That is what they are for.

Got that off my chest; I feel better now!

I have not had anyone said anything to me directly about breastfeeding in public. I am sure I have gotten looks, but I can't see them, so whatever! It is one of the few bennies of being visually impaired: you don't notice the idiots as easily!

But, back to breastfeeding in public... For whatever reason, it can be controversial at times. Frankly, I really do not understand why. It is such a natural thing to do. As a breastfeeding mother, you become a pro at breastfeeding discretely. So what is there to complain about?

Check out this post from a labor and delivery nurse:

Having a blog is cool; I can freely be opinionated and who ever does not like it can go screw off! Awesome! I love it!

Speaking of, time to nurse and do the going to bed business!

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