Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Donating Platelets: My First Time

Today I gave platelets for the first time.

The bad news:

I ended up spending three hours there.

I wish they were a bit more efficient. I waited for quite a while.

Because I was a first-timer and they did not know how my body would react to the procedure,, my machine was set to one of the slower settings. Therefore, the actual donating platelets process took two hours. Add another 20 minutes or so to answer the 50 questions they ask you, the iron test, checking the vital signs, etc.…

One of my arms is a little sore.

I was unable to move and had nothing to do for two hours. I sincerely believe that I am an undiagnosed ADD case and I tend to get anxious when I must sit still and do nothing for a prolonged period of time. I must get podcasts, music, something… and put them on my mp3 player next time. Lesson learned, fur sure!

At one point, I was tired of being there, getting anxious, cold, sore back, mildly light-headed, tummy feeling weird, and whatever else that I cannot recall now… I started wondering what the hell I got myself into! “You should have known,” I told myself. “How the hell did you think you could sit completely still for hours?”

But, then… The good news:

I gave enough platelets for three platelet infusions!

That is an efficient use of my time, to say the least. I am lucky that I am healthy and I can help those who are not, and, for that, I am very grateful.

I feel that donating platelets is like being birth, in a sense: it is hard on you, but it is so worth it in the end.

For the record, don’t take the analogy very seriously. Giving platelets was a piece of cake when compared to giving birth!

Yes, it was time-consuming and there were times when I could not wait to be done. Yes, I feel tired, sort of drained, sort of like you feel after a long walk and inadequate hydration. But, yes, I will do it again, most definitely. In fact, tomorrow I will schedule my next appointment. My goal is to do this every two weeks.


  1. incredible! you are so bold and brave! congrats on being such a strong woman!