Monday, August 24, 2009

The child cannot stand the taste of hummus!

I told Arianna it was sleepy time. As usual, suddenly, she wanted rice! Yes, that is how she tries to avoid the inevitable, by asking for anything and everything: rice, milk, agua, you name it she wants it at bedtime…!

I was getting the rice out of the fridge and she decided to grab the hummus. I told her I did not think she would like it. But, then, I figured why should I stop her? I hate hummus, but maybe she will like it.

I gave Ari a taste of hummus. Immediately, she spit it out onto my hand! Furthermore, she said “towel”, asking for a paper towel. You should have seen her! She was spitting onto the paper towel and cleaning her tongue with the paper towel!

Yes, kid, hummus is nasty! I am right there with you! Yuck! Daddy disaagrees, but we are right!

I hope you had a good laugh, like we did!

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