Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A bit on what The Imp has been up to...

I am starting to feel like I should rename Amor Chiquito The Imp!

Yesterday, she was playing with a key. There is a gap between our back door and the ground. Amor Chiquito dropped the key and it landed on our back porch. I opened the screen door so she could get it. Once she was outside, Amor Chiquito did not want to come in. I said “outside all done” and told her it was nap time. She threw a bit of a tantrum but I brought her inside. Once inside, Amor Chiquito threw the key so she would have an excuse to go outside again! Once outside, she picked up the key and proceeded to go down the steps and onto our driveway so she could play with our tenants’ kid. The hell with what mommy was saying!

Amor Chiquito got a hold of my nursing pads and put them on her chest!

She enjoys stealing my hair clip, running away, and laughing her little butt off!

Amor Chiquito tells us “down” when she wants us to lie down on the floor so we can pick her up with our legs!

She tells me “up” when she wants to get something she cannot play with, like her Tylenol, but cannot reach.

Amor Chiquito is quite impish! I like impish! Impish is fun!

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