Monday, August 31, 2009

Night-Weaning: Night Six

The night-weaning part is getting easier. Ari is no longer asking to nurse, trying to latch on, or crying for extended periods of time each time she wakes up. She is, however, needing a fair bit of time to go back to sleep, often 45 minutes to an hour. Ari still wants to hold onto my nipple. Lately, she also wants to fall asleep with her head on my arm. I love cuddling with her. I really do. But it means I sleep like crap and I end up hurting. I hope we can find a way that works for everyone. What I really want is for Ari to be happy sleeping near me, not on me, and for our next bed to be a king-size! Oops, the husband had not heard that yet!

Back to last night, Ari woke up three times. That made the night hard on me, along with the horrible toothache I had.

It feels like now we are ready to tackle the next big thing: the many night wakings. Night wakings are normal. We just need to help her develop ways to put herself back to sleep. It won't be easy, but I am feeling like if we got through night-weaning, we can do this.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Encouraging Post on Night-Weaning

I needed this. I so needed this!

Here it is:

Time for bed. Let's see if I can sleep for an hour or two before Ari gets up. Yes, when you are the parent of a child who does not sleep through the night, your expectations regarding sleep change drastically! I would be a happy, rested woman if only I got five hours of uninterrupted sleep! Would never have guessed that two years ago!

Night-Weaning: Night Five

Last night had its ups and downs, more downs than ups.

The first time Ari woke up, Geeky Entrepreneur helped her go back to sleep. She cried for a bit. Once he took care of her diaper, she went right to sleep.

The second time… Well, I am not so sure what happened that time… I think it went ok because Geeky Entrepreneur stayed in bed with us. That means there was not a whole heck of a lot of crying. I have a vague memory of noticing that Ari was not asking to nurse incessantly, as she had done before. It took her a while to go back to sleep, though. That is hard on me because she wants to keep her hand on my chest. I cannot roll over and so I end up with a backache.

The third time sucked big time. Ari was crying. It must have been over an hour by the time she fell asleep. She kept wanting to hold my nipple. This is uncomfortable and really drives me nuts. If I remove her hand, we start back at square one. If I don’t, my nipple hurts, I get frustrated, and the backache returns.

Today I tried putting her down for her nap three times. Not sure what went wrong. Finally, around 3pm, I asked Geeky Entrepreneur to take her for a ride. This is something we seldom do. Not a good habit. But it is an ok plan C when nothing else works. The alternative was to be ok with her not napping. She would drop of exhaustion around 5-6 and then she would be up until 10 or so. Unacceptable.

I hear that about 20 minutes into the ride, Ari fell asleep and slept for almost two hours.

As for me, I had big plans. Sunday is cleaning/laundry/everything day for us. But all I did was wash her clothes and nap. I needed it badly. I am so tired after all the hard nights that I have an almost constant headache. I have been feeling unmotivated and moody lately. My poor husband… Thank you for being so supportive and helping out, my love!

I remember reading that people need 21 days to break a habit. I really hope that that is not true! Please, tell me that is just a myth! Otherwise, we are only 25% of the way there!

A bit of good news: after eating poorly for the past few days, Ari is slowly starting to eat more. She is thin. She is not getting the calories she had been getting from nighttime mama milk. So we need her to eat up, not reduce her caloric intake! Feel free to share what works for you and your family, any tips you have heard, etc. This mommy is a bit desperate! I don’t want my baby to be so thin she will fall off the famous chart. Most importantly, I want her to be eating healthy again.

I was about to get in the shower, but I scratched that idea because I cannot find my shampoo! Yes, I looked everywhere. Where is it, kid? Hopefully one of the two other people in this house, the ones with better eyes, can give me a hand when they get in. Maybe she will even remember where she left it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Night-Weaning: Night Four

Last night was horrible. It sucked big time. Here I was thinking that things could only get better from now on in the sleep department, but, no. I should have known. Actually, I knew there would be bad nights every now and then, but refused to believe it. Been trying very hard to stay hopeful. Night-weaning really, really sucks. I hate seeing Ari cry.

I cannot remember clearly how many times Ari woke up or how long it took her to go back to sleep. I think she got up four times.

The first time, Geeky Entrepreneur tried to help her go back to sleep for about 45 minutes. Then, I took a turn. About 50 minutes later, she went to sleep.

I don’t remember anything about the second or third times. All I know is that there was a short period of time between time two and time three, less than an hour. I also remember that one of those times she fell asleep horizontally, near the edge of our bed. Eventually, she was upside-down, with a foot on my face. Fortunately, that did not last long. That means the weird sleeping arrangement happened on time two! I am still trying to wake up, can you tell?

Ari woke up a fourth time around 6:30. She did not ask to nurse, but it was daytime, so I offered. She nursed and slept for another 1.5 hours.

At 8:00, I woke up Geeky Entrepreneur so he could take over and I went back to sleep. I got to sleep another 2.5 hours, which was very helpful. Still feel strange, though. My head feels funny. I can’t wake up!

Ari has been starting the night on her high-end bed, the floor, but, once she wakes up asking to nurse, we co sleep the rest of the night. Poor Geeky Entrepreneur has been sleeping on an airbed all week. Better than both of us hearing her cry and not being able to sleep, but I would love to have our husband back at our bed, any day now.

Not sure how transitioning her back to her bed will go or when it will happen. I feel like it is a must because I don’t get good sleep when we co sleep. She likes to keep her hand on my chest and it becomes painful not to move all night. If I could sleep well and we had a king-size bed, I would think that co sleeping is cool!

For now, transitioning her back to her bed is not our top priority. Night-weaning is. In a way, I feel like if we can get through night-weaning, we can get through anything in the sleep department.
I was going to write about something else sleep-related, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the heck it was. Perhaps it is time to go back to bed. More later.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, shoes!

That is one of her favorite phrases! Ari loves putting them on, taking them off, trying new ones on… Such a girl!

Today Ari’s shoes were delivered. I ended up getting a white pair of sneakers and a black pair of shoes.

After much searching, my favorite website is They carry some of the shoes that the APMA recommends. Good prices. Free shipping. If the shoes do not fit her, I have the option of returning them and I would not be responsible for shipping costs. Not our case, but it is nice to know we have the option.

I got the sneakers from Zappos and the shoes from

I hope this is of help to some parent looking for toddler shoes out there!

Night-Weaning: Night Three

Last night, Arianna got up around 12:45. About 25 minutes later, she had settled down. She kept asking to nurse every once in a while, almost in her sleep. I felt bad…

Once we got through that, we got five hours of uninterrupted sleep! Wow, it had been so long!

Ari got up around 6:00. She was not done sleeping, but she wanted to nurse. I showed her it was daytime and told her she could nurse because nighttime was all done. So she nursed and went back to sleep for another 1.5 hours!

For those of you who like to create a graph in your head (there is a certain husband who might be booting up Excel right about now!), here is the data:
Night 1: settled down after 1 hour
Night 2: settled down after 40 minutes
Night 3: settled down after 25 minutes

On the down side, Ari was somewhat clingy and fairly uninterested in eating today. She must have asked to nurse 15 times. No, not exaggerating! We are working on getting her to bed earlier and are hopeful that in a few days she will return to herself, once she is sleeping better and is used to no mama milk in the middle of the night.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Night-Weaning: Night Two

I am very proud of our little girl. I know that she will need a few days to adjust, but, thus far, she is doing a great job.

Last night, Ari woke up about an hour after going to sleep. This is rather unusual. Usually, she sleeps three or four hours before getting up. Geeky Entrepreneur was able to put her to sleep without me going in there and saying “all done” or any of that.

She then slept for four and a half hours before she got up again. Around 3:30, Ari woke up and I brought her to bed with me. About 40 minutes later, she had settled down and gone to sleep. At first, Ari kept asking to nurse. I kept telling her that breastfeeding was all done until daytime and that my breasts have booboos, which is true. Nothing horrible, just sore nipples due to nursing a million times in the middle of the night. Eventually, she stopped asking, put her hand on my chest, and went to sleep.

Now that Ari simply puts her hand on my chest, rather than holding and squeezing one of my nipples, I am enjoy co sleeping again. Nothing like cuddling with your baby! I especially love when she suddenly rolls over and puts her arm around me.

The next time Ari got up it was 6:30 and I could tell she was done sleeping. When she asked to nurse, I brought her to the window, had her look outside, told her it was day time and that she could nurse because it was daytime. Ari breastfed for quite a while. I was very full and lumpy. She had not nursed for nine and a half hours. I had almost forgotten what full, lumpy boobies felt like! What a trip down memory lane! I was brought back in time to those days when she was tiny and I was just as full two or three hours after she had nursed. Those memories make me smile!

I have really enjoyed having that special connection with my little girl. I have enjoyed witnessing first-hand the miracles that are pregnancy and breastfeeding. I knew kids could be exclusively breastfed, but to actually know that my child grew, gained weight, and thrived on only the milk that my body made for her was quite the experience.

Tonight is night three and, just like last night, I am a bit anxious but very hopeful that we will do well, just like last night. I keep reminding myself that night two was much better than night one and that even night one was not as horrible as I had anticipated.

Wish us luck and I will update tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A bit on what The Imp has been up to...

I am starting to feel like I should rename Amor Chiquito The Imp!

Yesterday, she was playing with a key. There is a gap between our back door and the ground. Amor Chiquito dropped the key and it landed on our back porch. I opened the screen door so she could get it. Once she was outside, Amor Chiquito did not want to come in. I said “outside all done” and told her it was nap time. She threw a bit of a tantrum but I brought her inside. Once inside, Amor Chiquito threw the key so she would have an excuse to go outside again! Once outside, she picked up the key and proceeded to go down the steps and onto our driveway so she could play with our tenants’ kid. The hell with what mommy was saying!

Amor Chiquito got a hold of my nursing pads and put them on her chest!

She enjoys stealing my hair clip, running away, and laughing her little butt off!

Amor Chiquito tells us “down” when she wants us to lie down on the floor so we can pick her up with our legs!

She tells me “up” when she wants to get something she cannot play with, like her Tylenol, but cannot reach.

Amor Chiquito is quite impish! I like impish! Impish is fun!

Night-Weaning: Night One

I knew that the time was coming, but I figured we would not be night-weaning for another few months. I was guessing we would be doing it around December. I figured Amor Chiquito might be uncomfortable because of the molars coming in, so I did not want to make life harder for her. Unfortunately, lately, she has been waking up more and more often asking to nurse. Amor Chiquito would only go back to sleep if she nursed. Sometimes we were up for hours no matter what. Recently, we were getting up every two hours. Needless to say, the three of us have been very exhausted lately.

I understand that night wakings happen, but I do not think Ari should need boobies every two hours. We are way past the newborn stage. I think she will be happier and rested once she is not waking up so many times in one night. I am 100% certain that I will be a better, happier mother once I get a little more uninterrupted sleep.

Last night was one of those nights… I had nursed Ari four times and she would not go to sleep. I was hurting and very frustrated. Actually, I was starting to resent nursing. I was angry, biting my lip while she nursed. I knew I had to do something about it. I love breastfeeding her and I know she loves breastfeeding too. We have beautiful memories of breastfeeding. I want to keep it that way.

So, last night, around 12:20, I decided that I was starting the night-weaning process right then. I knew it would be hard on her, but I felt confident we would get through it. I felt at peace with my decision. I knew I was emotionally ready. Trust me, it took me a very long time to get here, so I felt like it was now or never!

I decided to do this on my own, rather than handing her off to Geeky Entrepreneur. I wanted her to know that, despite the fact she could not nurse, I was there, loving her, hugging her, rubbing her back. I wanted the transition to be as comfortable as possible.

The first time, it took an hour before Ari fell asleep.

Two hours later, she woke up again. That time, it took 25-30 minutes before she went back to sleep.

Two hours later, Ari got up again, but she was only awake for 15 minutes.

We made it! We did it! We made progress. This morning, she was herself. She was not upset.

My goal is for her to learn and be comfortable with nursing during the day but not at night.

Wish us luck tonight!

A big thank you to one of my best friends, who quickly responded to my text message and took the time to hear me out today. She just went through this about three months ago, so I knew she would understand how I felt. I love you lots, Yaminette! You are the best!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Crib/Toddler Bed Update

It is a long story, but I will not bore you with all the details.

Boil down:
I am extremely disappointed with our Babies R Us as it took me speaking with four reps, either on the phone or in person before I learned what I needed to know. You would think they would know what they are talking about. I have spent plenty of hours doing customer service. I know the job can be tedious, but, come on, people…

In the end, we own a $380 “lifetime” crib and yet our child is sleeping on her mattress on the floor while we wait for a $75 convertible crib rail to show up in the mail. Kind of ridiculous, if you ask me.

What I learned from this whole ordeal: some “lifetime,” “convertible,” or “three-in-one” cribs are not all they are cracked up to be. If you plan on getting one or already own one, do the research sooner rather than later. Do not wait until your child climbs out of the crib and assume that you will be able to take care of it the next morning.

Everyone tells you to keep your child in the crib for as long as possible, at least age 2.5. The older the child is, the easier the transition will be. However, once the child is 35” tall (or even 33.5, like Ari!), he/she might be able to climb out. At this point, even if the transition is tough, in my opinion, there is no choice. You need to do it. It is a safety issue. Better to deal with a hard transition than with a broken arm.

Some cribs turn into a toddler bed easily.

In some cases, you need to buy a kit to convert your crib into a toddler bed and it is a special order, so you will be told that you must wait three months for it to arrive. Yeah, I am still shocked about that one. Makes no sense to me.

In some cases, you remove the front of the crib and buy a rail from the manufacturer of your crib. The purpose of this new rail is to keep your child from rolling off the bed, but to give her/him the ability to climb in and out of bed independently.

In some cases (our situation), you remove the rail and use the crib as a daybed, so a crib with only three sides. If you, like me, are concerned that the child might roll off the bed, you need to buy a generic convertible crib bed rail.

I just ordered this today:

I hope that it arrives soon. I hope that it works well for us. I am still annoyed at the fact that we had to spend another $75 after our in-laws paid $400 for this crib because we felt it was a wise, long-term investment. You would think I did not bother doing any research. I could have gotten Ari a decent toddler bed with $75!

The cool thing about this: Ari thinks sleeping on her mattress on the floor and being able to jump on it is the coolest thing ever!

Daddy thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with her sleeping on the floor! Boys! So, clearly, the only one mythed in this home about the crib issue is me!

Potty Training Update

A bit of progress in the potty training department…

We have talked to Amor Chiquito about how there is a potty for mommy and daddy and a potty for her. We have given her opportunities to sit on it, but she is not interested yet. Fine, we are not in a rush. Pressure is counterproductive.

What is different is that Amor Chiquito is starting to tell us when she is about to pee, not that she has already peed, as she has been doing for months.

Once Amor Chiquito has peed, she lets us know and proceeds to remove her diaper.

I have more laundry now than I used to because the kid cannot stand sitting in pee! Every time she pees, Ari wants a new diaper. No complaints; it means she is learning. Yikes, I don’t have a baby anymore!

Ari is now able to put her pants on independently. This brings us one step closer to potty training. Yikes, I guess it is time to start buying training diapers!

The child cannot stand the taste of hummus!

I told Arianna it was sleepy time. As usual, suddenly, she wanted rice! Yes, that is how she tries to avoid the inevitable, by asking for anything and everything: rice, milk, agua, you name it she wants it at bedtime…!

I was getting the rice out of the fridge and she decided to grab the hummus. I told her I did not think she would like it. But, then, I figured why should I stop her? I hate hummus, but maybe she will like it.

I gave Ari a taste of hummus. Immediately, she spit it out onto my hand! Furthermore, she said “towel”, asking for a paper towel. You should have seen her! She was spitting onto the paper towel and cleaning her tongue with the paper towel!

Yes, kid, hummus is nasty! I am right there with you! Yuck! Daddy disaagrees, but we are right!

I hope you had a good laugh, like we did!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Toddler Shoe Shopping

It is time to get Arianna new shoes. I have read that shoes with soft soles are recommended for kids 24 months and younger and that flexible soles are recommended for kids ages 2-5.

Up until now, I have been getting her Pedipeds. These are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Unfortunately, I find them to be pricy. $38 for sandals, $44 for shoes, and over $50 for boots that she will only use for a few months feels like a bit much! So I did the usual: started doing a bunch of research!

Check out this link:

This website contains a list of footwear recommended by the APMA.

So now it is time to go bargain hunting! I love bargain hunting! I love finding good deals!

I already know that some Robeez are cheaper, around $28 rather than $44 a pair. That works, much better! Unfortunately, not much of a selection on their website.

I wish local shoe stores would carry footwear that is appropriate for her age. Come on, all I want is a pair of shoes, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of boots that will be good on her feet. Is that too much to ask?

Online shopping it is.

I went to and searched for several of the shoes listed on the APMA website. Didn't find any. What is that about? I thought they are all about shoes that are good for kids.

She is napping, so I am going shoe shopping!

When she wakes up, I will turn her crib into a toddler bed. Please wish us luck tonight!

I will have her there with me as I unassemble and reassemble her bed so I can tell her what we are doing and why. I am hoping that that might make the transition easier. That strategy has worked for us in the past.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toddler bed, already?

Crap, I really was not prepared for this one. I envisioned her in her crib until age 2.5 or so. But she just successfully climbed out. This is not safe. I guess we will be turning her crib into a toddler bed much sooner than anticipated. In the meantime, the rocking chair was moved as far away from the crib as possible so that if she falls she does not hit her head. I am paranoid about this because climbing out of a crib is what gave my sister one of the scars on her head.

Geeky Entrepreneur just went with her on a car ride. Nothing else is working. I cannot remember when the last time he did this was. Crappy night, what can I say...

I should go to sleep, but how can I go to sleep knowing that she is crying in the car right now because she only wants me tonight?

No idea if it is the sugar, the molars, or something else...

Platelets: The Second Time

Today was great, so much better than last time. This is, I think, because I was prepared. I dressed differently, as if it was the winter, because I knew I would get cold. I had 12 podcasts and lots of music on my mp3 player. I started with U2's Beautiful Day. Great start! I was comfortable and had something to do. This made a world of difference. Time flew by this time. I was never uncomfortable. Heck, I felt like I was on a high at the beginning! It felt awesome to do this and actually feel comfortable doing it. I can sincerely say that I enjoyed it.

I learned that my platelet count last time was 287 and that last time’s donation was enough for two infusions, not three like I had been told. Fine, it is still more than worth it to me, as long as the platelets go to people who need them. I am not doing this so they go to researchers or to waste! Shelf life is only five days. Unfortunately, there is no way to know where my platelets end up, but I trust that they are going to someone who can use them.

10:20 and Ari is still up. Things are not pretty here tonight. I have nursed her three times and she will not settle down. I am guessing it is because of the shortbread cookies I had at Red Cross around 3:30. I guess I should have starved instead… Feeling not so bright right now… Wish us luck. Lots of crying right now.

Oh, poop, we are in for it!

Ari got into the cabinets. She is better than the baby proofing we installed!

On the kitchen floor, there is an ice tray.

She is holding one of the Medela bottles I used to pump into.

Suddenly, I hear the water dispenser. Since when can she reach the water dispenser? Clearly, starting today, she can reach it just fine!

The grin on her face… The giggle… She is ecstatic!

And, well, we are in for it!

Her process:
Fill bottle with water
Bring bottle to ice tray on floor
Pour water from bottle onto ice tray

I need not worry about my child’s problem solving skills!

Furthermore, I can ask her to fill up the ice trays for me, should I ever need them!

Oh boy!

This stage is a lot of fun, for her and for me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me, avoiding sweets and feeding my family whole grains?

Kids really do make you eat your nevers, as my mother-in-law is fond of saying!

It is no secret that I was never very good about eating healthy. I am 26 and I only started eating vegetables maybe eight years ago. My ex-boyfriend talked me into being ok with having a slice of tomato in my sandwich. My persistent husband took things a step further and talked me into eating salads! I am over fried foods. I cannot remember the last time I fried something. I have definitely been eating much healthier the past five years. Thank you, Geek!

Things changed drastically when I realized I was pregnant. I decided I would give it my all and really try to eat better because now it was no longer just about me. Whatever I ate would go to the little growing person inside me.

Once Arianna was born and I could notice the impact my eating habits have on her, I could not go back. Anything I eat is in the breast milk she drinks. I remember realizing at one point that I could not have anything with caffeine after 1pm. I was able to prove time and time again that what I eat shows up in her breast milk six hours later. I don’t like coffee. I quit drinking tons of soda a long time ago. But I do like to enjoy a piece of chocolate espresso torte every now and then! So it is either no torte or torte at noon!

For a while, I thought sugar was ok. It was not until very recently that it dunned on me that perhaps my having desert after dinner might be affecting her night sleep, and, therefore, ours. Sure enough, I no longer have anything sugary after 3pm and Ari is sleeping a lot better. She still wakes up twice in the middle of the night, but she goes back to sleep very easily. Please don’t tell anyone I said that or else I will be screwed tonight!

I will admit that I am not thrilled in the slightest about this! For some reason, I crave sugar in the evenings! I have realized that I have a choice: enjoy desert or breastfeed my baby (well, toddler, whatever!). I love yummy deserts, but I love breastfeeding more. So, here I am, craving something sweet almost every night and settling for All Bran whole grain crackers instead!

I have been complaining to Geeky Entrepreneur about this nonstop, but earlier today I read a post by Logical Mommy, one of my readers, who is breastfeeding her 1-month-old. She is going on what sounds to me like a hellish diet so she can keep breastfeeding her little one. Needless to say, I am done whining now!

Another change: I want to do my part in helping Arianna develop healthy eating habits. I don’t want her to struggle with eating healthy like I do. So, guess who is buying whole grain everything? Yes, we are eating brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat English muffins, and freakin’ whole-wheat crackers! What is even crazier is I actually think several types of whole-wheat crackers are tasty! Who would have known?!

Ari is 23 months today.

In one month, we will be celebrating Arianna’s second birthday. In a way, it feels like she has been around for such a brief period of time. Two years, already? At the same time, it feels like she has been around for so long. Two years, that is it? It feels like so much has happened, so much has changed.

I cannot remember what my life pre-baby was like anymore. I know one thing: I remember feeling bored every now and then. I have not been and do not think I will feel bored ever again! Oh, I know another thing: everything was quick and simple!

Two years ago, I was pregnant and knew my life was about to change, but had no idea what it would really be like. No clue what I was getting myself into! I can now say that being a mother has been the hardest, most challenging thing I have ever done. Being a student at very demanding Mount Holyoke College does not hold a candle! At the same time, I can also say that being a mother has been and continues to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done. There is nothing like seeing my daughter develop in so many different ways, exploring her surroundings, imitating our behaviors, including the silly stuff, being her unique little self. There is nothing like her smile! There is nothing like hearing her blowing kisses, seeing her giving her daddy hugs, or hearing her saying “teh-too” (thank you)!

Holy crap, I am a mother and I am responsible for shaping, to an extent, the life of a new, little being who will someday be a grownup like you and I. Yikes! I better do a kick-ass job! I sure am trying! She is most definitely picking up on many positive things, and, for that, I am very grateful.

Ok, done with the squishy stuff!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Pics

Geeky Entrepreneur just uploaded the latest photos of our precious, silly child. Check them out here:

That is the website where he attempts not to overwhelm people with hundreds of pictures! If you want to see it all, go here:

The second website is outdated. I will repost it when he puts up all the new photos. If you never saw it before and would like to take a peak, there you go!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can I just kick 'em?

I am talking about the idiots who think a woman breastfeeding in public is wrong. Is it wrong for you to eat in public, dumbo? Why should I nurse in the bathroom? Why should I pump and bottlefeed my child when my boobs have the milk my child needs? If I was a gorgeous hottie with huge boobs and a nice shirt to show them off, you'd love looking at me. But if I nurse you are offended? The hell with you! Guess what? Grow up and get over it! That is what they are for.

Got that off my chest; I feel better now!

I have not had anyone said anything to me directly about breastfeeding in public. I am sure I have gotten looks, but I can't see them, so whatever! It is one of the few bennies of being visually impaired: you don't notice the idiots as easily!

But, back to breastfeeding in public... For whatever reason, it can be controversial at times. Frankly, I really do not understand why. It is such a natural thing to do. As a breastfeeding mother, you become a pro at breastfeeding discretely. So what is there to complain about?

Check out this post from a labor and delivery nurse:

Having a blog is cool; I can freely be opinionated and who ever does not like it can go screw off! Awesome! I love it!

Speaking of, time to nurse and do the going to bed business!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Donating Platelets: My First Time

Today I gave platelets for the first time.

The bad news:

I ended up spending three hours there.

I wish they were a bit more efficient. I waited for quite a while.

Because I was a first-timer and they did not know how my body would react to the procedure,, my machine was set to one of the slower settings. Therefore, the actual donating platelets process took two hours. Add another 20 minutes or so to answer the 50 questions they ask you, the iron test, checking the vital signs, etc.…

One of my arms is a little sore.

I was unable to move and had nothing to do for two hours. I sincerely believe that I am an undiagnosed ADD case and I tend to get anxious when I must sit still and do nothing for a prolonged period of time. I must get podcasts, music, something… and put them on my mp3 player next time. Lesson learned, fur sure!

At one point, I was tired of being there, getting anxious, cold, sore back, mildly light-headed, tummy feeling weird, and whatever else that I cannot recall now… I started wondering what the hell I got myself into! “You should have known,” I told myself. “How the hell did you think you could sit completely still for hours?”

But, then… The good news:

I gave enough platelets for three platelet infusions!

That is an efficient use of my time, to say the least. I am lucky that I am healthy and I can help those who are not, and, for that, I am very grateful.

I feel that donating platelets is like being birth, in a sense: it is hard on you, but it is so worth it in the end.

For the record, don’t take the analogy very seriously. Giving platelets was a piece of cake when compared to giving birth!

Yes, it was time-consuming and there were times when I could not wait to be done. Yes, I feel tired, sort of drained, sort of like you feel after a long walk and inadequate hydration. But, yes, I will do it again, most definitely. In fact, tomorrow I will schedule my next appointment. My goal is to do this every two weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

News from Red Cross

I just got a letter saying that my platelet count is higher than the average count and that I could donate platelets up to 24 times a year. The process is time-consuming, 2 hours. I want to and will make it work, though. I can't wait! I could potentially give platelets every two weeks. How cool is that?! Oh, I can continue donating whole blood too. So, if I get my way, I will donate blood every three months (I always need the extra 4 weeks for my iron level to be high enough) and platelets every two weeks or so.