Friday, November 2, 2012

We have a tiny baby and a very excited, not so tiny baby!

We had an ultrasound yesterday. Let's stop there for a sec! If you find yourself about to get an ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy, request a transvaginal ultrasound, really. You'll have to drink a lot of water for an abdominal ultrasound. You'll be so uncomfortable it will hurt, only to be told the baby is too small, so you need a transvaginal ultrasound after all.

So, the ultrasound... Baby was measuring seven weeks, two days, giving us a due date of June 18th. Heart rate was 132 beats per minute, so right on track.

Ari got to see the baby on the screen and the tech gave her a photo. She is one thrilled, happy big sister! My favorite part was when the tech handed her the photo and she was so happy she had watery eyes. Priceless.

I'm thinking I'm carrying a boy. Ari is hoping for a girl. For what it's worth, I was right last time! Let's see what we learn come mid January! In the meantime, I am enjoying Ari's happiness and her many questions. And I am feeling grateful for the lack of morning sickness this time around. I am super tired, but other than that, I feel great, especially when I crave chicken and my sweet husband runs out to pick up chicken at 9:30 p.m.! Poor guy!

Oh, and it goes without saying that I am thrilled to have another little one on the way after all the rethinking, trying, hoping and waiting!