Monday, June 22, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (6/22/09)

Behind schedule, but here is the weekly update on our silly kid!

New words: teeth, mouth, nose, baby, house, flower, car, papas (Spanish for French fries), food, hi

First phrase ever: mas cheese

Last Monday was one of those days packed with mischief:
fights with the cousin
coming home, looking for Daddy, running to the front door, holding the door nub, saying “doggy, doggy”
taking off in mid-diaper change and peeing on her chair (not the potty chair)

Every time we pull into the driveway, she wants to go see all the “doggies” in the neighborhood!

If she has not seen Daddy all day, when I tell her Daddy is coming, she gets very excited and starts saying “daddy, daddy”! When he walks in, she runs to him, says hi, and gives him hugs!

When Abuela is cooking, she walks in the kitchen, points at the pot, says “food,” and says “mmm”! I heard that today she would not leave the kitchen! She lied down on the floor to enjoy her milk and wait for the rice!

Every time we are at a drive-through, she thinks we are getting French fries. Yes, I’m big into her eating healthy, but she does know and love French fries, I must admit.

Not sure if this was a coincidence or not, but a while ago she grabbed two socks from a laundry basket and they matched. There were many socks and they were not in pairs, believe you me!

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