Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (6/14/09)

Nothing big to write about. My memory is pathetic; I can't remember anything these days!

There are some new words, but I am still trying to figure out what they mean. Amor Chiquito is doing lots of "substitution." In the language world, this refers to when a child makes up her/his own word because she/he is unable to pronounce the real word. If a sound is being used consistently, it counts as a word, even though it is not a real word for us grownups.

When we come home, almost always, Amor Chiquito wants to walk around the neighborhood to look at the "doggies"!

Amor Chiquito is exposed to lots of things at Abuela's house that she does not see here, mainly girly stuff. I'm just not into lotions, makeup, or hair products. Just the basics for me! A few days back, she went in Abuela's room, grabbed the body spray and sprayed herself. She then put lipstick on herself. Lastly, she asked for "tata" (lotion). Makes Abuela very proud!

Something new: she is drinking more milk (cow milk, that is). That does not mean she is weaning, though. To her, they are two separate things. And, frankly, I'm in agreement. I'm much better than a cow, thank you very much! I know what I put into my body and my milk gives her immune system a boost. When she is sick, she can still drink mommy milk, whereas that is not true about cow milk.

Oops, did not mean for that to turn into a little rant. I just get frustrated when people say things like "why haven't you weaned her already? She should be drinking more milk. She won't eat good until you wean her." They imply that cow milk is somehow healthier than the milk my boobs make. What kind of crap is that?

K, off my soapbox.

Amor Chiquito has learned to take the cap off her sippy cups. Consequently, she drinks her milk with a straw now.

Everything at Abuela's is cooler than the stuff at home! That includes the disposable diapers that my nephew wears. When we say diaper time, she runs and grabs a disposable diaper. Guess what? She is incredibly alergic to them. In 5 minutes, she is itching badly, crying, etc. Unfortunately, she has not connected the dots.

We used disposable diapers for 10 months, always Pampers. We never had a rash. So I wonder if there are different chemicals in the different brands? The diapers at Abuela's are not Pampers.

Back to the weekly update, we met with the early intervention therapist last Friday. Nothing new, really. This time Geeky Entrepreneur was able to join us, so he got to hear the suggestions directly from her, which was helpful. Basically, the boildown is that we should use brief phrases, lots of repetition, and lots of narrating what she is doing. Some time between 50 and 75 words, she will start saying phrases. We have about 30 words right now, so hopefully we'll be hearing some phrases soon.

I guess that was it for this week. On to get ready to start another crazy week.

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