Monday, June 8, 2009

We're going on a cruise!

So, I lied... I didn't get any work done earlier as I said! Instead, I wrapped up my cruise research! I booked our next cruise! Geeky Entrepreneur, Amor Chiquito, and myself are going to the Bahamas on Nov. 15 for a week! I am so excited! I can't wait! 160 days to go! (The Carnival website keeps track for me!)

My mother might come with us. If she does, her and Amor Chiquito will have their own cabbin.

There are kid pools for Amor Chiquito and a 2-story water slide that Geeky Entrepreneur and I can't wait to get on! Geeky Entrepreneur is also very excited about 24/7 access to icecream! No, not making that up!

We'll be flying to Baltimore. The flight is only an hour and 10 minutes. It will be our first time flying with Amor Chiquito. I am a little nervous about it, but hopeful that she will do ok. She'll be 26 months then, so I am sure she will understand more language than she does now. My plan is to point out planes, tell her about them, tell her we will be going on one, etc.

Now, need to get some work done, for real!


  1. I am NOT excited about 24/7 access to ice creme. That would be VERY unhealthy.

    I am excited about 24/7 access to FROZEN YOGURT.

    And EVERYONE knows yogurt is healthy ;).

    -Love, Geeky Entrepreneur

  2. What ever makes you feel better, love! If it tasted like yogurt, you wouldn't talk about it so much! But, sure, yogurt, whatever you say!