Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Huge fight at Abuela's house...

Holyoke, MA - Two toddlers, 21-month-old Ari and 28-month-old Jai, get into a big fight over... diapers!

It is diaper time for both kids. Ari wants Jai's disposable diapers. Jai wants Ari's cloth diapers.

Ari grabbs two of Jai's disposables. Jai is just not having it! He takes them away from her.

Jai grabs a pocket diaper. Ari is just not having it and gets her diaper back, whatever it takes!

Hitting is allowed in this fight, and, in fact, everybody hit and got hit!

Whatever Abuela has at her house is, clearly, much cooler than what we have at home or what my brother has at his place for Jaiden, my nephew!

The other thing they fought about: Abuela. If one went to Abuela, the other one ran and sat on her lap! Amor Chiquito was particularly not interested in sharing Abuela.

The things kids fight about...

Abuela had both of them on Monday for about five hours. Bless my mother's heart!

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