Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (6/7/09)

Lots of fun mischief this week!

New words: bow (hello), titi (Spanish for aunty), house, mi (milk) tata (lotion)

It is very fascinating how children make up their own words when the real word is too hard for them to say. How “lotion” and “tata” are similar is beyond me, but whatever works!

Amor Chiquito is spending lots of time at Abuela’s this month because I am doing a summer course. She is enjoying herself over there quite a bit.

Amor Chiquito grabbed Abuela’s lipstick, took the cap off, and started putting lipstick on her lips. She then grabbed a bottle of perfume, aimed it at her neck and tried to spray unsuccessfully. I hear she added spraying sound effects!

Amor Chiquito grabbed Abuela’s coke from the coffee table and started drinking. Abuela put it away and brought Amor Chiquito with her to the bathroom so she could clean. Suddenly, Amor Chiquito was gone. She went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and grabbed the can of coke again! My daughter finally tasted coke; that was a first!

One day, I was at my mother’s and I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up, there was lotion on my hair! Turns out she put lotion on my hair multiple times. My mother not only knew, but, in fact, provided the lotion for the mischief! You should have seen the grin on her face when I asked how Amor Chiquito got a hold of the “tata”!

Amor Chiquito loves to help us. Today, she put all her diapers, one by one, in the dryer. I didn’t have to bend over once, works for me!

I ask for hugs and she says no. She’ll give Daddy hugs almost any time! Too cute!

Amor Chiquito is getting better and better about telling us what she would like to eat or drink: shia 9(cereal), mi (milk), chee (cheese), bah (bread), (papa (Spanish for French fries), agua (water), etc.

Amor Chiquito is now able to get on the dining chairs unassisted. She sits at the table like a big girl and does a great job eating her food. She is not interested in using her booster seat anymore! We have compromised on having her sit on the booster, so she is higher up and can reach her food better, and eating at the table, rather than using the tray that came with the booster seat.

Amor Chiquito is definitely testing her boundaries every now and then, but, thus far, I feel like we are doing well with the transition to the “terrible two’s.” Fortunately, everyone who is a caregiver to her (my mother, Geeky Entrepreneur, and myself) is on the same page. I feel very strongly that that makes a big difference. I don’t know how things will be six months from now, but, so far so good. Basically, what we are doing is lots of positive reinforcement, relocating her when she is doing something inappropriate/dangerous, and trying to be consistent about saying “ut-oh” when she is doing anything inappropriate. We briefly explain why not and if she insists on throwing a tantrum, we try not to give her attention until she is done with the tantrum.

Things are stable in the sleep department. She gets up twice every night, but she goes down very easily and quickly. She is doing a great job with her daytime naps and sleeping on a toddler bed at Abuela’s. I am very excited about the fact that she is consistently sleeping better because it means that we will finally feel comfortable about spending a night or two away from home.

I think that is all for now.

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