Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why won't they potty train me already?

I think that is what she is thinking!

I have not heavily researched/educated myself on potty training yet, but, what I have read so far indicates that children are not neurologically ready to potty train until age 2. Several articles I have come across suggest that parents begin the potty training process between age 2 and 2.5. These articles also point out that it is ok if it takes a child longer and that the child might not be done with potty training at age 3.

Needless to say, I was not expecting that I would need to learn about this right now! She won't be 2 for another 3 months. Until very recently, I would have fun every now and then looking at the new pocket diapers! I guess now I need to move on to cloth training pants! Holy crap, my baby is not a baby anymore! When did that happen?!

So, the story... For months, Amor Chiquito has been saying "tati" (her substitution for poopy in Spanish). It meant both pee and poop. Very recently, she started talking about pee and poop, each having their own word. Amor Chiquito started isolating herself, standing at a corner, for example, if she was going to poop. The most recent development is that, if we are changing a diaper, she will get up, say "pee-pee" and run to some corner and pee on a rug! No fun for mom and dad!

So, what next? I am trying to figure that out. We have a potty chair already. Amor Chiquito has never used it. To be more specific, I never introduced it. So I will start there!

We will give her the chance to spend some time near/on the potty chair during a diaper change. Abuela is on board and will do the same, which is good because Amor Chiquito is spending a lot of her time there for the next three weeks.

As with everything else, we will do lots of positive reinforcement. We will say positive phrases any time she sits on the potty chair. We will probably clap when she actually goes on the potty! Yes, we are silly, corny parents! You should have seen Geeky Entrepreneur clapping when she began spoon feeding herself! It works like a charm!

Back to potty training, here are some articles that might help those of you out there who will be potty training in the near future.

Article discussing whether or not child is emotionally and physically ready:

WebMD article with useful info and FAQ's regarding potty training:

Awesome WebMD article that provides step-by-step suggestions on how to potty train your child:

This is what I got from a quick search. I will post links to more articles later.


  1. That is awesome! Well, we got Nahum a potty and he sat on it and said "pipi toilet" for like 20 minutes and nothing came out, so it was like a game to him! I didn't expect much, but it was so cute to see him sitting there with his pants to his ackles saying: "pipi toilet, is coming, pipi do it."

  2. Too cute! That's a great start. It is progress because he is doing something new. So throw a party for him every time he sits there! Eventually he'll go.