Thursday, July 2, 2009

Allow me brag...

One of Momo's favorite phrases is "allow me show..."! I stole the concept and came up with "allow me brag..."!

Amor Chiquito really likes Sarah, our friend/former tenant. She began saying Sarah's name last Sunday. Amor Chiquito is absolutely obsessed with Sarah! She stands at the door, looking out, wondering when Sarah is coming home. (She is a bit confused because Sarah is not coming home anymore, of course, and new people are walking into what Ari thinks is Sarah's house.) In the morning, one of the first things Ari does is pick up the phone, begin dialing, and say Sarah!

What really surprised me... The "brag," finally! Sarah drives a Prism. Yesterday, twice, when Ari saw a Prism, she said Sarah!

I am always surprised at the things this silly kid understands!

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