Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (7/25/09)

New words: Manny (as in Handy Manny, the cartoon), ama (cama, Spanish for bed), nanigh (blanket, lying down, something related to sleep…!)

I am sure there were a few more, but I am blanking out now.

Amor Chiquito is enjoying pretending games, such as putting pillows on the floor, lying down, and covering herself with a blanket, pretending she is going to sleep. Those naps last about 30 seconds!

Amor Chiquito says “se cae” (Spanish for falling” if she thinks she is about to fall, if someone else trips on something, or when Daddy runs down the stairs really fast.

Yesterday, Amor Chiquito figured it was time to remind me about that potty training stuff! Twice, she peed, took her diaper off, and handed it to me. One of the two times, after taking off the diaper, she grabbed my new underwear and put it on! It was photo-worthy – a little girl in mommy’s underwear walking around the house! Oh, if you’re wondering, no, she did not pee on the rug; I got a new diaper quickly enough!

I’ll admit that I have not done anything to help her with potty training. I really need to get started. I explained what the potty chair is for once, but did not follow through. I’ll need to do that again. Let’s see if she wants to sit on it now. She didn’t feel like it last time. She is not even two, so I am not going to force it. Forcing kids to potty train does not work, anyways.

I’ll ask her if she wants to pee on the potty when I go to the bathroom and we’ll see what happens. She always goes in there with me anyways, so I think that’s the way to go for us!

Last night, Amor Chiquito became extremely fascinated with butternut squash! She stopped eating so she could check it out. She pointed and pointed until Daddy figured out what she wanted and gave it to her. Amor Chiquito was looking at it, holding it, hugging it, trying to eat it raw! So funny! We’ll be cooking squash tomorrow tonight and letting her watch the entire time so she can see how squash goes from being the big thing she was holding to yummy orange stuff on her plate!

This morning, Abuela and I took Amor Chiquito and Jaiden, her cousin to the park across the street. Mind you, this was Ari’s second time going to the park; Geeky Entrepreneur took her early this morning, probably at 8:30am. It was so early they had the park to themselves! I got lots of nice photos of the kids on the swings and going down the slides. They also enjoyed the sprinkler park, but it was nearly impossible to get photos of them there; they would not stay still! It was nice. We don’t get to see Jaiden much. It was nice to see the kids play together, well, near each other, that is.

Amor Chiquito is still extremely afraid of strangers. She has been going to the park every day for weeks, but she still will not go down the slide if another kid is up there. I know she will do better with this eventually, but I do wonder when. It’s been almost a month, I think. Time will tell…

Amor Chiquito went grocery shopping with Geeky Entrepreneur today. I heard she got very excited when he grabbed some watermelon! She wanted some right away, so much so that she tried to bite through the saran wrap so she could get some!

I think Amor Chiquito is teething again. We’re not big fans of teething; she sleeps terrible when she is teething. She doesn’t sleep great to begin with! Whatever, it’s nothing, in the grand scheme of things. It’s part of life. In a few months, the last four molars will come through and she will have all her 20 teeth.

I think Amor Chiquito might be having nightmares. She often wakes up crying, even if we are right next to her. I tried cosleeping last night in the hopes that we would sleep better, but, as usual, it was just as bad as having her in the crib, if not worse. I lost track of how many times she woke up and definitely lost track of how many times she jumped on to nibble.

I think that is about it for this week. Let’s see what this coming week has in store for us. Lots of fun mischief, I’m betting.

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