Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mother's Guilt

Mother's guilt... It is real. It is common. It is being researched/studied. Yay for curious psychologists!

I recently learned from one of my friends that a psychology professor at a college in NY has done a fair bit of research on this topic. I can't wait to read about her findings! I will be sure to share what I learn. I will not say when I will post about it because I have no idea. Ask my daughter when she will start napping again and that will give you a sense of when I might be able to spend more time on the computer!

Check out this post by a mom on coping with mother's guilt:

If you are a mother experiencing this every now and then, be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, do your best to take care of yourself (easier said than done, I know), and remind yourself that you are a human being, not some sort of wonder woman who must have all the answers 100% of the time. While you are at it, please remind me when I forget!

Oh, boy, my husband is going to have something to say about this post! I can hear him already! He will take my own words and use them against me!


  1. I'm sure you can use them right back at him too!

  2. Oh, most definitely! And I do, for sure! I especially love when I notice he needs a nap, but he refuses for an hour or two. Then, guess who goes to bed and naps for 2 hours?!

  3. The mother's guilt thing is so true, and I think especially for me, as I identify as a sacrificial Latino mom/wife. I just read in the literature that this concept has been studied for Latinas. It is called marinismo and basically it means women are extremely sacrificial for their children and partners...their needs are not even on the plate. I am trying to make conscious decisions to do things for ME and NOT feel guilty about this...but it is still really really hard!!!!

  4. Yeah, us Latinas have issues, no offense! How the hell is it that you and I are always thinking very similar things almost at the exact same time?! It has happened time and time again throughout the past three years and I still can't get over it!