Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (7/19/09)

It has been weeks since my last update. Let’s see how much I can remember…

New words: shy (outside), slide, ri (rice), bobobi (broccoli), jew (juice), baby, yes, sho (hot), up, down, se cae (Spanish for fall), papo (diaper), ow (house)

There are many more, but I can’t remember right now.

Oh, she calls corn cereal! Maybe because they sort of look like Kix? No clue!

Amor Chiquito now understands the difference between hot and cold.

When her food is hot, Amor Chiquito will tell you and proceed to blow on it!

Amor Chiquito used to call rice food, but now she calls it rice. She loves white rice! She’d live on rice if we let her!

Amor Chiquito has become quite the outdoors person. I find this strange, in a way, because neither Geeky Entrepreneur nor I love being outdoors as much as she does. But it is good for her, so we do it, particularly Geeky Entrepreneur.

There is a park across the street from us and it was recently redone. It kicks butt! There is a section for kids ages 2-5. Amor Chiquito loves going to the park every day, day and night! She is lucky; Daddy brings her almost every morning and every evening.

There are three slides. She has a favorite, the whindy slide, of course! That we agree with her on! She also loves the swings.

There is a mini water park. She is slowly becoming a fan. At first, she would only stare. Then, she’d get her hands and feet wet. Now, she is coming home completely soaked!

One of Amor Chiquito’s most recent hobbies is to play with the hose. (Thanks, Geeky Entrepreneur; you’ve unleashed a monster!) When we go “shy” (outside), she brings us to the hose. She enjoys making sure Daddy is thoroughly soaked! But she doesn’t want Daddy to return the favor!

Speaking of Daddy, Amor Chiquito is a much bigger fan of him, which makes me no end of happy! She used to only call me when she woke up; now, she calls both of us. She is always looking for him, calling his name, running after him… So cute!

Other hobbies: wash her hands and brush her teeth over and over again.

A funny story – Amor Chiquito knows why people sit on toilets. Consequently, if we go to the bathroom, she will say “mommy/daddy peepee”! When you come out of the bathroom, she announces to the world that you went peepee! It felt a little strange yesterday to be at my mother-in-law’s, surrounded by the in-laws, and having all of them hear that I had just peed! Whatever, she is cute as can be!

Amor Chiquito saw a little bit of Daddy playing his video game. Not a big deal to some, but I really don’t want her to get interested in video games. Also, and most importantly, I don’t want her seeing violence of any sort. Unfortunately, she was fascinated and so she wants to be in there with him while he is playing. Today, she got the X-box controller and made Geeky Entrepreneur’s character walk around. She then found a grenade or something. That was the end of that…

So much more to say, but I am completely blanking out right now. I am not feeling well. I can’t eat much. I’m in pain. It might be my gall bladder. It sucks. Hopefully we will know soon.

I want the pain to go away, of course, but I am hoping I don’t need surgery. Amor Chiquito and I have never spent a night apart. She still wants to nurse in the middle of the night. So if I need surgery, it will suck big time.

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