Sunday, July 19, 2009

Early Intervention Update

The early intervention therapist has been coming over once a week. We are seeing lots of progress, so much so that she thinks Amor Chiquito won’t qualify for early intervention after her next evaluation. In November, Amor Chiquito will be evaluated again, after six months of service.

Amor Chiquito has between 40 and 45 words right now.

In theory, we will begin to hear phrases sometime between 50 and 75 words, in other words, in the next few weeks.

The advice we have received recently is to use short phrases, as opposed to one word. For example, we should say “more bread” instead of “bread.”

The other thing that the therapist has emphasized is to do lots of narration, to tell Amor Chiquito what she is doing.

We started play group last Friday. We will be going in every Friday morning for 12 weeks. I bring her in for 2.5 hours. There are about 10 kids and their parents.

Amor Chiquito does not do well with crowds. She is afraid of strangers, including little ones her age. She either sat on my lap or played by herself. Being cautious of strangers is healthy, but her current response is not healthy either. The goal/hope is that in a few weeks she will feel more comfortable interacting with her peers. Let's see how it goes this Friday.

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