Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daddy's Plan for Dealing with Boys

Geeky Entrepreneur was just saying that he was imagining what it will be like when Amor Chiquito is a teenager, wanting to dress provocatively, etc. Check out his rule: This, this and this is completely out. That other thing, I know you'll wear it no matter what I say. I know you'll want to be sexy, so wear it, just don't let me see it. Leave the house with a sweater covering yourself.

Oh boy, Ari and I are in for it! I can tell I'll be doing some mediating!

How he'll deal with boys... This is a good one!

First, he said what every father says: I'll kill each and every boy that comes up to her.

Then, he got clever! When she brings boys over, he'll start telling them about Momo and he'll have Momo talk to them!

As I might have mentioned before, Momo is a stuffed animal that Geeky Entrepreneur's mother gave him about 15 years ago. Geeky Entrepreneur and his brother made up personalities for all of their stuffed animals. They even created planets they live in, crazy story lines, you name it...

Geeky Entrepreneur figures that when the boys hear Momo they'll run away because they won't want to date someone whose father is "a wacko"! If the boy does not mind Momo, then he's ok, not dangerous! Not sure that I agree with that statement; maybe the guy has multiple personalities disorder, just like my husband!

Wait, I married the guy. What does that say about me?! And, my poor kid...!


  1. Glad I have boys. Well one boy and one on the way. With them, I only need to worry about one penis each. With girls, I'd have to worry about all of them.

  2. What if the boy decides to be valiant and save your daughter from the insane stuffed animals? One never knows what side Momo will bring out in another.

  3. I am guessing that if the boy decides to try to "save" her from the stuffed animals, Momo will be super pist and Geeky Entrepreneur, being the crazy man he is, will think something is wrong with the boy because having talking monkeys is normal, of course!