Friday, May 29, 2009

Things are looking better...

I finally heard from the pedi at 2:30. My voicemail did, actually. As usual, I'm waiting for an important call all day, my phone dies, the person calls while the phone is plugged in and I'm doing dishes or something. The theme of my life!

X-rays "all negative."

Bloodwork... Culture did not reveal anything... CBC ok. White blood cells "not too high." My understanding is that if they are high, that indicates there is an infection. Pedi implied they were somewhat high. Does not surprise me. She has had a high fever for days, after all.

Pedi thinks it is probably a "viral infection." We are to keep an eye on things and if she still has a fever in 48 hours or if the leg discomfort does not resolve itself, we go back in.

Last night was rough. Her temp was at least 101 all night. She complained of pain on her hip.

Fortunately, around noon, her temp had gone down, 99.3. It has gone back up since then, but nowhere near what it has been the past three days.

She, and therefore, us, slept terrible last night. Geeky Entrepreneur and I took turns trying to get her to go to sleep from three to six am.

We coslept for a chunk of the night because she was having a hard time falling asleep on the crib. She tried and tried, but would not stop tossing and turning. So I brought her to bed with me. Typically, this does not work. She'll want to stay latched on forever. But she is sick and I was so tired I didn't care. I'll break the rules, so to speak, and deal with it later.

It had been so long since we last coslept, 7 months. Cosleeping was nice. I love snuggling with her. But it reinforced that cosleeping is just not for us. She thinks cosleeping = nibbling on mommy all night. We both wake up too many times. So crib it is for us.

Back to sleeping, she did not nap all day. She was tired, but just could not settle down. She was pretty crancky, very unlike her.

Little story... I finally got her to go to sleep a little past 6. About 45 minutes later, I woke up and got up to turn the fan on. In the middle of the night, Arianna had brought her two balloons into our bedroom. I was sleepy, so didn't think anything of having a ceiling fan and two balloons in our room! Seconds after I turn the fan on, the balloons get trapped in the fan. So much for everyone getting some sleep! Ari got up and said "buh, buh, buh..."! Buh = balloon! She was wide awake, ready to play with her balloons. It was hopeless. I was so mad at myself. Just couldn't believe I screwed it up after working so hard to get her to sleep. Oh well. We made it. I was glad when Geeky Entrepreneur was done working, though.

Hmm, post seems pretty scattered, sorry. I'm too tired to edit right now; going to bed.

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