Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (5/16/09)

It's been two weeks since my last update. Amor Chiquito has spent a lot of time at Abuela’s. It’s been crazy. I’ve missed my baby! So glad I'm almost done. Should be done by Tuesday.

New words: baby, doggy, beh (bread), cheese, bye, tree, bow (bless you).
Favorite words this week: doggy, bye, cheese, bless you.

Every time she hears a dog bark, she says "doggy" and runs to the door to look.

Amor Chiquito enjoys saying bye to the cars driving by. It gets old and loud after a while, but it’s pretty cute!

She says bye when someone is about to leave or about to get off the phone.

Amor Chiquito says bless you to anyone who sneezes, including herself! You better say thank you, or else... She'll keep saying bless you!

Last week it was raining one night. She kept looking at the rain and saying "awa, awa, awa…"!

Amor Chiquito goes on a walk with Geeky Entrepreneur almost every morning. She loves their walks, particularly a few days back when she got to walk on puddles! What does Daddy has to say about it? "Gotta let her have fun!" True enough!

Amor Chiquito has gotten very good at jumping! She loves to jump a great deal!

A few days back, my brother came over to give Geeky Entrepreneur a haircut. Geeky Entrepreneur was not wearing his glasses during the haircut, so Amor Chiquito was easily able to get into mischief! Geeky Entrepreneur let me sleep in that morning. Suddenly, I woke up to "mommy, mommy!" There she was, right next to me, about to climb into bed with me. She got all the way up the stairs without Geeky Entrepreneur noticing! I asked if he knew. He said no. My brother responded "she's been up and down those stairs 3 times since I started cutting your hair!" Who's the blind one here?!

I must say: there is nothing better to wake up to than my little girl saying "mommy, mommy." Definitely the most beautiful sound I can hear when I wake up.

Something else I really enjoy: after being apart for hours, when we first see each other, Amor Chiquito runs to me, says "mommy, mommy," and pulls up my shirt so she can nurse! Yeah, call me weird. I love breastfeeding still! It's our way of reconnecting, and, most importantly, she still gets the immune system boost.

I am really loving this stage. She is very interactive. She has a mind of her own. She has likes and dislikes. Her language is developing literally every day.

More soon, I promise!

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