Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito (5/24/09)

Done with school for the time being, until June 1st. One week of freedom! Let’s see if I can get some blogging done!

New words: ball, balloon, cereal, eye, ear, mouth

Phrases are next. Looking forward to that.

Earlier today, Amor Chiquito dropped about half a cup’s worth of cereal on the floor! On the upside, she does a great job cleaning up! Geeky Entrepreneur said “clean up” and gave her a trash can. She picked up the cereal, put it in the trash can, and returned the trash can to daddy.

Amor Chiquito has a great deal of fun soaping herself up and soaping us up while she is at it! Soap or bubbles, it does not matter!

Some hobbies apparently are here to stay: Amor Chiquito loves bubbles of any type: bubble bath, blowing bubbles, anything bubbles! She also still loves keys! She loves to stand on her chair so she can reach the door and put the key in.

Her latest favorite thing to do is to point at a body part and say its name or wait for you to tell her what it is called.

We went to the grocery store the other day. When we were approaching the deli, Amor Chiquito said: cheeese"! Like mother like daughter!

Amor Chiquito helps wipe herself when we change her diaper! It gets pretty interesting when there is poop! But that is how she will learn. So there are yet more hand-washing sessions throughout the day!

Amor Chiquito has not been feeling well lately. Not sure what it is yet, maybe a cold. She has been particularly booboholic lately! We'll have to work on that. I am more than happy to breastfeed her, but this is getting to be a little too much! If you have any suggestions on how to get an almost 2-year-old to stop acting like the world is ending because she didn’t get to nibble for the tenth time today, please share! I tell her milk all done and I do my best to distract her. Sometimes it works; sometimes it does not.

This Thursday, we will be meeting with the early intervention therapist to officially start working on Amor Chiquito's language delay. She will be coming over once a week for now.

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