Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Adventures of Amor Chiquito: 5/2/2009

Here is the weekly update.

Favorite word this week: nyo (no)
Old words that she had not said in a while: daddy, thank you, and nana (banana).
New words: bubbos (bubbles)

Amor Chiquito loves bringing my purse around with her. A few days back, I went out with my mom and she stayed home with Daddy. When I opened the cell phone pocket, I found one of her Easter window stickers!

Amor Chiquito is not very fund of being in her car seat lately. One time, she threw quite the fit! She was screaming pretty loudly. Abuela tried to distract her by singing a song, a song that Amor Chiquito typically likes to dance to. But, not that time! Instead, what Abuela got was "nyo" from a very angry child! Abuela and I thought the way she said no was histerical! We could not stop laughing! Eventually, Amor Chiquito decided she was no longer angry. So, the new thing was first I dance, then I say no! Too funny! I wish I had a video of that!

The blueberry obsession continues! I am very happy that my daughter is enjoying healthy food, but we have spent over $30 in blueberries this week! No, I am not exagerating! She is going through a small case each day! I got tired of going to Stop & Shop every other day, so we bought in bulk last time!

I made the mistake of not pumping or having Daddy offer her a bottle for a month or so when she was two months old. Consequently, Amor Chiquito decided she did not want the bottle. The next time she accepted a bottle she was nine months or so. At that point, she was pretty good with the sippy cup, so I figured why bother with a bottle if I'd have to wean her from it at age one anyways?

Well, guess what? There are bottles at Abuela's house because my nephew still drinks out of them. Guess who opens the refrigerator, grabs the bottle, and points at the milk? Yes, my kid! And, guess who drank eight ounces of milk from a bottle today at Abuela's? Yes, you're right, my kid again!

My response? What the heck! Do I have to go buy my 19.5 month old child a bottle when she should not have been using one for the past seven months? I am not saying that the day a child turns one the bottle should go away completely. But I do know that at that time the weaning process should begin. And, furthermore, I know that this does not make sense! The kid will be two soon! She knows how to drink from a sippy, from a straw, from a grown-up's cup... So, what then?

Abuela's logic is "if I give her the bottle, she'll drink milk. If she drinks milk, I keep her here longer!"

Who can argue with that?! It's not like The Geeky Entrepreneur and I do not enjoy the break every now and then.

So, to wrap up the bottle story, I have decided that if she wants to drink from a bottle at Abuela's once a week, so be it. But I am not buying bottles for her to drink milk at home. If she wants to keep refusing to drink it from a sippy and prefers to spoonfeed herself milk, so be it, but I'm not buying bottles! Well, I might buy one for her to keep at Abuela's, I suppose!

As far as sleep, all I'll say is it was great while it lasted! She has been getting up at least twice during the last few nights. One night she got up five times. No idea what is going on yet. Maybe the tooth that is about to come through, maybe not. I don't know.

Lastly, the early intervention agency the pediatrician referred us to is evaluating Amor Chiquito on Tuesday morning. I am looking forward to the report, but I am not very hopeful that they will say anything new in regards to the sleep situation.

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