Thursday, May 28, 2009

Early Intervention Update

Some of my readers have children Amor Chiquito's age or a little older. So I decided to share what I am learning from our early intervention sessions. Maybe/hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there.

This morning, before the hospital craziness began, we had our first official early intervention meeting.

The therapist brought bubbles, so Amor Chiquito was thrilled!

The big takeaways from today:

lots of repetition

narrate what you are/she is doing

speak in as few words as possible for now

Kids at this stage tend to hear/understand the first and last words of your sentences. That is why small phrases are better right now.

Amor Chiquito has about 25 words right now. We are making progress!


  1. I saw the vid of your little one dancing--so cute!

    I wanted to comment on that here because I don't see our boy being able to move like that for awhile, due to his physical delays. He might be kind of on track at this point but he barely dances and doesn't jump. It's okay--he will.

  2. It seems like each child is ahead on something and a little behind on something else. In our case, she dances, jumps, etc., but she is behind on language, whereas, I get the impression from your posts that your son is doing great with language. I'm sure that chemo every few weeks has an impact on how quickly he can hit certain milestones. That being said, he's still kicking butt! He sounds like a very sweet little guy. I'm sure he'll be getting into more mischief in a few months once he starts jumping, climbing, etc.!