Monday, March 22, 2010

"Uno dess Jai?"

Amor Chiquito has recently gotten into dresses. It’s all her; I probably wear a dress three times a year. She says that dresses are for dancing! Not sure where she got that idea from…

Check this out: Daddy told me to get her dresses! What? Yes, I was shocked! Baby has Daddy wrapped around her little finger, yes she does!

Off we went last Friday to get her a few dresses. We were at the fitting room. She was very excited. She was looking at herself in the mirror, jumping, spinning, putting her arms out. She looked like she was about to try to fly! Silly kid! She began singing her latest version of the happy song: “happy, happy, teh-too (thank you), happy, the-too, happy…”! It was a precious, priceless, video-worthy moment! Too bad Daddy missed it.

Amor Chiquito left the store wearing one of her new dresses! She wore it for the rest of the day. After her bath, she wanted to wear it again. She wore it to bed. I guess clean pajamas is not a requirement for Daddy?!

Saturday morning, she finally took it off, only to wear another one! What an obsession!

Later on, Amor Chiquito said “uno dress Mama (grandma), dress Ari, uno dress Jai?”

Jai is her three-year-old male cousin! Innocence… Innocence is beautiful! I love witnessing those moments!

My brother, Jai’s dad, would not have been nearly as thrilled when she said that… Oh well!

Hey, she is learning about sharing!

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