Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the problem with that is???

Amor Chiquito likes things that are, stereotypically, considered to be “girl” or “boy” things. She loves shoe shopping and dressing up. She also loves trains and her daddy’s ties.

Our air bed popped last week. We just bought a twin-size guest bed rather than buying yet another air bed. I figured it would be fun to let Amor Chiquito pick out a set of sheets for the new bed.

There we were, at Target, my mother, Amor Chiquito and I, looking at twin-size sheets. Amor Chiquito picked out Thomas and Friends sheets. The hell with Dora and the Disney Princesses! That’s my girl!

I have been looked at and addressed as though I am incredibly weird because I get my daughter “boy” things. As you might have noticed, I can be very opinionated about many things, so this has sparked various interesting conversations!

For starters, why the hell is it wrong for her to sleep on “boy” sheets?

What is wrong with sleeping on blue sheets?!

What is wrong with liking anything and everything, regardless of its color or whether females or males tend to like that thing?

What is wrong with liking something that typically boys like to use?

My daughter is more than welcomed to play with dolls or trucks. It’s her choice.

She is surrounded by each and every color there is. We are not a pink-only home. Actually, I almost never buy anything pink because the grandmas buy pink everything!

Amor Chiquito can help us cook or shovel, do laundry or take the trash out.

Who said only women cook and only men shovel? Maybe at your house, but, here, we each do both! And, you know what, I am proud of her. If I may say so, I am proud of my husband and myself because, clearly, we are doing a good job teaching her that there is no such thing as “boy” or “girl” things. Trust me, it can be quite the battle when grandmas get involved!

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