Monday, March 1, 2010

A not-PC baby story...

Ari had gas. In a very dramatic manner, she said "Ari fart. Me, me, me!" You could hear the pride in her voice, as if she had accomplished a wonderful thing.

God help me! What the hell did I do wrong?!

For some reason, that word always drove me nuts. She likes to use it. Furthermore, she thinks it is funny when someone burps or has gas.

As I posted on Facebook the other day, I am parenting a two-year-old female, not a 12-year-old male. Why, just why?!


  1. Thanks for the laugh, Musical Daddy! Yes, she said fart, over and over again! And she will continue to say it because her dad thinks it's the funniest thing ever! He's such a boy!

  2. LOL! At first we thought fart was hilarious DS kept using that term and we kept laughing (I wasn't worried about the term because at the time, I thought it was cute!)....until one day he announced it in public...not so funny anymore.

    We were lucky though, we started using the word toot and he's never said fart again! Phew!