Monday, March 22, 2010

"Ah, umm, umm, ah, umm, faffo (waffle), toast..."

Amor Chiquito is working on improving a very important skill: her ability to feed me BS! She is thriving, let me tell you!

The title of this post is what Amor Chiquito said to me tonight when I was getting her ready for bed. We had gone through the routine. She had nursed. She was in bed. I was reading on my PDA, waiting for Amor Chiquito to go to sleep. I was getting hopeful. She had been quiet and had not moved in a while. Suddenly, she sat up. She came over and lied down on my chest. She sat up again and fed me the BS quoted above!

Each and every night, it’s the same thing… She is hungry. She wants milk. She needs to pee. The latest is that her back and feet are itching! The itching is believable, to an extent. She has a little rash on her back. But there is nothing whatsoever on her feet! Furthermore, she never complained about her feet all day!

Kid, you are an excellent bullshitter! You make your parents proud! You got that from your daddy, clearly! Your mommy never ever does any of that. As a matter of fact, your mommy didn’t tell your daddy that chocolate would make her cramps go away! Nope, I didn’t do that earlier today! Me? Never!

We are a very silly family. We have a blast saying ridiculous things to each other! My husband has talking stuffed monkeys. They even have Facebook pages! It’s all his fault! As my mother-in-law puts it: that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


  1. The look on The Boy's face when he asked me for ANOTHER reading of SpiderMan...probably cut from the same cloth, these two...

  2. I agree. Seems like they are often doing or saying similar things, probably because they are only three weeks apart. They have something else in common: high level of impishness! Is that a word? :)