Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Hold you, Da-ee" and "I want puhpo hohse."

Amor Chiquito is doing and saying so many cute things lately. I need to write them down before I forget!

She does not fully understand the concept of “you and “I.” Sometimes, it seems like she gets it, but, other times, she says things like “hold you, Da-ee.”

I love when she says “hold you, Da-ee”! It sounds so sweet! She loves being held by her “Da-ee”! She loves being on his shoulders, being held up-side-down, you name it…! They have a game where he holds her, she climbs over his shoulders, and, next thing you know, she is on his back up-side-down. Scares the crap out of me, but they love it and he manages to do it safely. Once she is on his back, he pretends he can’t find her for about five minutes, looks everywhere… You should see her huge smile the entire time. Eventually, she says “aqui (here) Da-ee” and he “finds” her!

Back to “hold you.” I get the impression Amor Chiquito thinks “hold you” is one word. She says things like “It heavy. Hold you it please.”

We had brought Amor Chiquito to a merry-go-round six months ago, but she did not get into it. Today, she got to try one of those small merry-go-rounds at a shopping plaza, the type you put 75 cents in and it goes for a few minutes. She loved it! She was smiling, laughing, saying “horse, neigh. Three horse. Purple horse, yeyow horse, white horse…”!

A few hours later, Amor Chiquito said “I want purple horse.” We’ll be going back soon, I am sure!

She is continuing to say small sentences more and more often. I wonder where she is at in regards to expressive language development. I will get a better idea tomorrow; the early intervention person is coming in. I know she is doing just fine as far as receptive language, well, when she feels like it! When she does not feel like it, you might think her hearing is a bit off!


  1. David says "Mum carry you" and "Daddy carry you" if he wants us to pick him up. Sometimes we correct him and say "Carry ME please" and sometimes we don't bother, because it is so adorable to hear him say "carry you!"

  2. There is what you should do and what you want to do because they are so damn cute! We do the same thing. Sometimes we correct her. Other times, we just look at each other, smile, and give her big hugs because we just can't get over how awesome having her in our lives is, even if I still sleep like crap every now and then!

  3. The Boy also says, "Are you stuck?" when he's stuck on something or somewhere. It's very funny.

  4. That is funny! He is just saving you some time, asking the question you were going to ask him! Child development is so fascinating, isn't it? Two-year-olds are too cute! I am loving this stage.