Friday, March 12, 2010

Language Development Update

I feel like we have been witnessing a language explosion lately. It’s kind of cool!

Amor Chiquito is saying three and four-word sentences now. She has so many words. Amor Chiquito is trying to say words that are hard for her to say, whereas, before, she simply would not try as often.

Several people have told me that they understand her words so much better now. They understand most of her words.

She had a wipe. She said: “I clean wall.”

Daddy was talking to his mother and Amor Chiquito said: “I talk Nana please.”

Her c’s and k’s come out as t’s.

Her l’s come out as y’s. For example, she says “yight” for light and “yot” for locked.

She is making progress with the r. R’s are always a hard one for kids, one of the last ones they master.

Amor Chiquito is most definitely not re-qualifying for early intervention services in May. She will be 32 months old and she needs a 30% delay. She would need to be at 22 months. She was at 21 months last November, so there is no way. We do believe that she still has a delay. We will be getting suggestions from the early intervention team and we will be on our own after that.

I do not know if this was the right decision, but I recently decided to mostly speak English to her for the time being. My thought is that she will need English if/when she goes to preschool. She can learn more Spanish later, when she is older and able to differentiate between the two languages.

I have discussed the research on bilingual homes and language development with the early intervention team and they tell me that there is no definite answer on what the best way to deal with language at a bilingual home is. Hopefully I did and am doing the right thing. We’ll see. For what it is worth, her language is really taking off lately. Coincidence? No clue.

Someone, please, make her understand that there is simply no way she is having ice cream for breakfast!

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