Monday, February 28, 2011

What did she say?!

Several funny Ari stories!

We went to visit Nana this weekend. Ari was very excited. She loves going “to the hotel” and seeing Nana, of course. Once I told her we would be going to the hotel, she knew instantly that we would be seeing Nana. She said “mommy, when we go to the hotel, our house is far away, but Nana is not! We can go see Nana after we sleep. I want to surprise her! Is that a good idea?!” So cute!

At the hotel, out of the blue, Ari started jumping, dancing on the bed, and singing “coca-doodle-doo” over and over again! We have a video! I’ll try to upload it on here another time.

On the ride home, Ari started playing silly games and saying silly things. “The highway is… pink. The hotel is… orange. The road is… red!“

Later on, “Daddy, your name is… Grandma! Your name is… Monkey!”

Silly Daddy responded with “and your name is… Shoe!”

Ari: “That not my name! I not a shoe! I Arianna! I a ferry!” )She was a jaguar for a month (thanks, Go Diego Go!) but she moved on about a week ago!

Then… A different, strange sounding, deep voice… “I a shoe. I don’t have a name!”

A shoe talked to us! Yes, you did read that right! You see, my mother-in-law is a puppeteer. My husband has many talking stuffed animals, mostly monkeys.

All that being said, I was not prepared to hear a shoe talk to me! Heck, my crazy, I mean, creative, husband was not prepared for it either! We are still laughing about it! Daddy and Nana are proud as can be!

Moving on… Last night Ari was looking at some of our wedding photos at my mother’s. She said that I was a princess. Daddy explained that we got married that day and that is why we were dressed that way. Her response: “Oh. I want to get married too. I want to marry my cousin.”

Lastly, tonight, at some point during the hour we spent together trying to get her to go to sleep, Ari said that she and her friend R (her best friend, a male classmate) were talking about having a play date. I asked where they thought they would play. At school? She said that she does not know yet, that they have not talked about it yet. Maybe at his house.

What? My daughter is marrying her cousin and she is going on a date with a cute and sweet 4-year-old boy?! I can’t stop laughing!

By the way, just as a random aside, I can’t believe it took her over an hour to fall asleep even though she had been up for about 12 hours. This does not happen often, but, clearly, it does happen every now and then. Oh, that reminds me… At one point I said that I was feeling frustrated and tired. I got a “huh?” as if “what the hell are you saying, mommy?” She did not know that word, I get it.

10 seconds later, “I feel fuh-tay-ted too, mommy. I not ready for sleep.”

I can’t get over it! This kid is too much! I just love love her silliness, her strange, made up games, and the remarks that come out of that little mouth! It does not get old!

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