Sunday, February 20, 2011

Things that make me smile and make me want to hug my Ari!

What are some of the things kids do that make you smile?

Here is my list:

When she comes over and gives us hugs and kisses completely unprompted.

When I ask who she had lunch with and she responds, happily "R, my best friend"!

When I see her chasing her friend R at the playground.

When I see her and her daddy playing all sorts of silly games together, like the game where she steals his socks and runs away, the game where they feed a dragon, the game where she feeds daddy pretend ice cream, etc., etc.

When she asks for a family hug before bed.

When we talk about our day before she goes to sleep.

When she gives me something, she puts it right on my hand (I am very, very low vision).

When we make homemade waffles together in the weekend.

When, in conversation, she says things like "we're a team, mommy, we're a team"!

She is awesome!

Tell me some cute stories!

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