Saturday, February 12, 2011

Update on the anti-school morning routine...

I talked to one of Amor Chiquito's preschool teachers on Thursday. He says Ari seems very happy, has a few friends she hangs out with all the time, and is working on many different things. He said "it looks like she is having the time of her life," as we were looking at her playing at the playground with her best friend, a very cute 4-year-old boy! He said that he would check in with the other teacher (she was absent that day) and ask if she was aware of anything.

Daddy says that Ari is happy to go in the classroom once they get there. In fact, sometimes, she almost forgets to give him a hug!

So it looks like it is nothing but normal kid stuff. Yay! I rather deal with that than deal with her feeling uneasy in the classroom, a kid bothering her, or anything like that.

Recently, I started telling her that she can tell me if she wants a mommy hug or if she would like some mommy time. She has been doing that. I figured if she is craving/needing more mommy time, that might help with the whining and the morning issues.

Long story short: it is a work in progress!

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  1. The Boy throws these fits about going to school too. He just doesn't want to leave the house or stop what he's doing. He loves to go, he loves to be there, he is happy, and his teachers say he is having a great time.

    He certainly isn't lacking in grown-up attention at home. He just doesn't like to go anywhere. He doesn't like to go out to the comic book store, or out for pancakes, or out to dinner...of course he does, but he doesn't want to leave his toys or his book or his TV show.