Monday, February 28, 2011

Today is the day!

Today I find out if I am pregnant or if my body is doing some sort of strange stuff it had never done before.

Sounds silly, particularly since I already have a child, but I am feeling nervous! There is no reason to be nervous. If I am pregnant, great. If I am not, we can try again. Still, I have that familiar nervous feeling on my tummy!

My appointment is at 2:15pm. Only four hours away!

Oh, by the way, I did try Planned Parenthood. It's nice to have readers who have a brain! Thank you, Logical Mommy, for the suggestion. It turns out they used to do blood pregnancy tests, but not anymore. Also, it turns out that needing an order from a provider for the test is not hospital policy. I am assuming it is statewide.

I understand needing an order for the blood test if my health insurance is going to pay for my blood test, but no such luck here. So, in that case, I insist that I am a grownup, I have a brain, it's my arm that will get poked and it's the money my husband worked his tail off to earn, so, dang it, I should just be able to go get me a blood pregnancy test!

How did I end up getting the test? I called my GYN's office yet again and explained my acid reflux situation, how if I am pregnant, then I know I can't take the medication, but if I am not, there is no need to be this uncomfortable. Finally got the dang slip! Today I find out just how much money Tums will be making from me and if I am not touching Prilosec for eight months or so.

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