Monday, February 28, 2011

As one of my friends put it, no Mini Paul yet!

So, the verdict is in. Not pregnant.

I got to have a long chat with my GYN. Just her and I. No students. That does not happen often, as she works for a teaching hospital. It is my choice, I know. Usually, I figure they need to learn at some point, with someone, so I don’t mind. But today I just wasn’t in the mood. I was ready to say no when she asked if she could bring the student in. I was hoping for some privacy and to get some medical advice from someone I trust. I knew the conversation would go differently if it was just her and I. I was right. When I asked about midwives in the area, she told me about the ones she really likes and the one group she does not like. She would not have said that if she had a student with her.

Anyways, she is not worried about my unusually long cycle. She said my “milk hormone” could still be high from when I was breastfeeding, to which I replied that I still am. Her response: “good for you. We don’t get to do that too many times during our lifetime. Do it for as long as you and her want to.” Thanks, doc. It’s nice not to be treated like I am a weirdo, and, frankly, I needed some nice, friendly words today. I guess I took for granted how regular my body has always been and so when I heard “your test came back negative” on the phone today… Let’s just say that the thoughts I was getting were not positive ones. I know a lot about infertility. I have a friend who has been trying to get pregnant for over four years. Wouldn't it be screwed up that my body "worked" this whole time and now that I know I want another baby, my body does not cooperate? I knew my thoughts were not rational, but they were there, nonetheless.

Long story short: she thinks that breastfeeding can have an impact on my cycle, even though I am only nursing about four times a day and I am not producing a lot of milk.

She said that we could check on my thyroid to rule that out. I need to decide if I want to do that right away or if I want to give my body some more time. I have had the test done before and the numbers have always been in the normal range.

She really thinks that I could be pregnant in a month or two. Na├»ve lady! She doesn’t know my kiddo’s schedule was screwed all winter break and she was going to bed at midnight. Naps are a blessing and a curse, did you know?! It’s not that easy to make a baby when you already have one!

K, now that I am done rambling and feeling like I might not be making much sense, it’s time to clean Ari’s lunch dishes and go to bed! Need to get back into my school night routine!

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