Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Beautiful Unplanned Unassisted Birth Story

So, before you go freaking out on me, personally, I would not plan an unassisted birth. I would consider a home birth. In fact, it sounds very appealing to me, after the experience I had the first time around, so long as I am accompanied by a midwife who has lots of experience, who could notice if something was starting to go wrong, who would respect my choices, and who I got along with easily. The other option I would consider is a birth center. There is a new birth center near us that does water births. More on that on a separate post.

So, there, that is my latest crunchy revelation!

Now, onto the blog entry I wanted to share:

This mama was planning a home birth. Her midwife was on the way. Things happened very quickly. The contractions were never super painful, so she thought she had a lot of time before her baby would be born. I want a birth like that!

The whole story is beautiful. My favorite part is the fact that the mama's 2-year-old would come and hug mom just before a contraction would start!

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