Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you ready for a health care vent?!

If you are not, you might as well skip this post! I’ll try to keep it brief, I promise!

Here is the story. I am late, as in my period was due a week ago today. Most of the time I have a 28 day cycle. My longest cycle ever was 31 days.

I know what you’re thinking! Pregnant, for sure.

I have done multiple pregnancy tests. Negative.

I call my GYN’s office to request an order for a blood pregnancy test after learning that I could be pregnant and the home pregnancy tests might not pick up the HCG (pregnancy hormone). Yes, that does happen. It happened to my best friend, it happened to my neighbor, etc., etc. Something to do with how my body produces HCG and the test just can’t pick it up.

The nurse wants me to come in for an appointment and she wants me to wait another week. What? I did not ovulate late. I know my body. Furthermore, health insurance is expensive in MA. We have the cheapest one and we still pay over $700 per month. This is the preventative plan. In other words, it covers our physicals and it starts to pick up other medical expenses after one person has spent over $2,000 or the family has spent over $4,000. The alternative would have been paying about $1,100 per month.

Anyways, this means that we need to spend $75 on a blood pregnancy test and another $100 or so to see a midwife or a GYN so that she can hand me an slip for a blood pregnancy test.

Oh, by the way, in Puerto Rico, I could go request a blood pregnancy test, pay $25, get the result the next morning, and be done with it.

Can you tell I am mythed? Is this not ridiculous?! I might be pregnant and I might not know until I am six weeks along?

Oh, by the way, I have acid reflux from hell. I am not taking the medication just in case I am indeed pregnant. If I am not, it would be great to know so I can stop being so freakin’ uncomfortable. Sometimes my reflux is so bad I can’t lie down. I would like to kick a nurse right about now!

Monday afternoon I am seeing the GYN who delivered Ari. I had scheduled this appointment a while ago. I’ll go in there, say hi, get the slip from her, and pay her over $100 just for seeing her for ten minutes and getting a piece of paper from her. Freakin’ awesome.

Ok, done!


  1. You could go to Planned Parenthood--I bet they'd give you a test for less than that.

  2. Wow, unbelievable. Where is my brain?! Thanks, Logical Mommy!