Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gotta love people's stupid questions...

Here is a list of stupid questions people ask adoptive families:

Still laughing after reading some of the answers parents wish to say but don't say!

I am very familiar with stupid questions because of being nearly blind. Here are a few.

You should see some people's reactions when they realize I have a degree. Really? From Mt. Holyoke College, one of the sister schools? Yes, my eyes don't work so well, but my brain is just fine, thank you very much, dumb ass!

You use a computer? Yes, it looks just like yours, but it's cooler because it talks! And I'm cooler than you because I type 60 words per minute and I've never been able to read the keyboard! Yup, I rock! Plenty of sighted people out there do it, I know, but, somehow, it's shocking when you hear a blind person does it too.

Geeky Entrepreneur's favorite: and what will she be having?
His response: I don't know. She can't see very well, but she can hear you just fine. Ask her.

He has said this, plenty of times!

Different topic: you have to wean her. When are you going to do that? Why does she still do that? She's too old for that.

You mean nursing? Well, you see, it's none of your business. It still helps her immune system. We'll wean whenever the hell we want, by the way, you nozi ass!

For the record, I welcome questions about anything, be it about my visual impairment, about how this may impact my parenting style, about breastfeeding, anything... It's all about how people ask questions, the words and tone they use. So, if you want to ask anything, feel free. Ask on here or email me.

What are some of the stupid questions you're asked?


  1. Oh, boy. I've done this topic once or twice. My personal favorites are along the lines of, "Just wait 'til he can walk, then your life is OVER!!!1!!one!" (Because cancer wasn't bad enough, learning to walk and getting into stuff is obviously much worse.)

    The Wife would chime in on the breastfeeding one. My general feeling is that Younger Bro (The Boy was forcibly weaned due to treatment issues) will likely wean himself before middle school.

  2. @Musical Daddy, literally lol! He'll wean himself before middle school! You and my husband could bond on that! First it was I want to try. Then it was one year. Then it was two. Then... Well, who knows. All bets are off! I am finally starting to see the beginning of weaning with her. That's another post!