Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why we get sick (Ari's version)

Amor Chiquito, Geeky Entrepreneur and I were sick this week. She has a cold and all three of us had a stomach bug. So, we have been talking about being sick, getting better, etc. Also, it sounds like Amor Chiquito has been learning about it in school. All this led to the following conversation:

Me: Ari, Mama (grandma) is sick. Her tummy hurts. Would you like to help her?

Ari: Yes, we need to give her kisses. I want to give her kisses! I want go Mama house, please!

Me: Would you like to share your Ginger ale with Mama? You and Daddy could bring her some.

Ari: Yes, I share my ginger ale with Mama! It make her feel a little better. And we can’t forget to give her hugs. Mommy, Mama got sick because people sneeze and she got germs. You have to sneeze on your elbow.

Later on, I was talking to my mom on the phone, telling her that Geeky Entrepreneur and Amor Chiquito would be delivering a few things soon. Amor Chiquito ran over and asked me to tell Mama that if she throws up she will feel a little better.

It is very fascinating to me how much kids understand and how much analyzing is going on in their little minds.

What interesting conclusions/realizations/advice has your little one shared recently?

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