Sunday, November 28, 2010

Open Adoption/Bone Marrow Donation Story

I just came across this:

A must-read, me thinks. Beautiful. A child was adopted via an open adoption. In other words, the families knew each other. Maybe it was exchanging photos, phone calls or a few visits a year. Either way, they could communicate with each other.

Over 15 years later, the child needed a bone marrow transplant. Apparently, it is very hard to find a donor for multiracial people. The family knew the birth family. A birth sister was a perfect match and saved the girl's life.

Please consider registering with Be the Match. The registration process is incredibly easy. You fill out a form online. You get a kit in the mail to do some cheek swabs. You get your card. That's it. You may or may not end up donating. It depends on who out there needs a bone marrow transplant and whether or not you and that person are a good match.

Please, please think about it. You know you want to! Some day it could be you or me, your sibling or mine, your kid or mine.

Here is a link to the Be the Match frequently asked questions:

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