Monday, November 22, 2010

Go away, germs!

Last night we had a hellish night. Amor Chiquito went to bed early, around 7pm. A lot of good that did me! I was trying to finish a consulting project. I told my client I would get him the final transcript on Monday morning. I know I don't have much of a brain in the morning, so the plan was to finish the project after Ari went to bed on Sunday night.

Back to Amor Chiquito, by midnight she had been up five times. She always woke up crying. I heard things like "daaadeee, maaamiii, I see something." Sounded like nightmares to me. Probably was. Nightmares are common at this age. Kids are afraid of things. They can imagine almost anything. They go to sleep and all the ugly stuff they are afraid of shows up in their dreams.

On the up side, Amor Chiquito did very well hanging out with Daddy. She usually wants me at bedtime. They actually took a nap together. Then I flushed the toilet. Bad, bad move, apparently! She woke up and she was ready to party at midnight! We were up for hours. Sometimes it feels like it's really hard to be nice to your kid!

When I crawled into bed with her I realized she had a fever. It wasn't very high, but it was definitely there. I can always tell from touching her hands and because her mouth feels particularly warm when she nurses.

Here we are. Lots of snuggling. Lots of mommy holding Ari time. Lots of time in bed, which is very unusual for her. No appetite. A very runny nose. Red, teary eyes. I don't know if the red eyes have something to do with the cold or if she is developing pink eyes or something else. So I'll be talking to a nurse tomorrow morning. I've learned all about colds and tummy bugs. This is my chance to learn about eye stuff!

I am very happy that the transcription project dropped on my lap and that it gave me plenty of work for two weeks. But I am also very happy that I am done now and that I can spend day and night, if need be, cuddling with my little girl, who feels particularly little when she is sick. That is the one good thing about having a sick kid: you really get to snuggle with them. You can hold them forever and they don't care. After a while, you start to miss your super active kid, though!

Cooties, be gone! We just got over a cold and a stomach bug less than two weeks ago. Oh, and we paid for a Montessori tuition for my child to have a blast in school and learn stuff, not for her to be home feeling yucky!

Hope you and your relatives are staying healthy!

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