Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on us...

I realized I have been neglecting my blog again. Here is an update...

My silly child continues to pretend she is different animals! For a few weeks she was an elephant. Then she was a kitty cat. Last Friday she came home saying she is now a butterfly, a blue butterfly!

She is enjoying singing, dancing, and pretending all sorts of different things. Today she pretended that my mother's bedroom was a school and that my mom's yoga ball was the school's gate!

When we tell her it's time to go, she puts up pretend gates so we can't get to her!

She is still enjoying and loving school and so are we. In fact, we just re-enrolled her for the next academic year. She will be in the same classroom.

Geeky Entrepreneur had surgery on 12/23. His gallbladder was removed. Turnes out it was very inflamed. He still has a few stitches, but is mostly back to normal and can now eat whatever the heck he wants!

We just went on a little trip to see some friends last weekend. Ari got to play with my friend's 3-year-old. They got along very well and they are so cute together! Us grownups got to play Pandemic! So much fun! It is a cooperative board game. Check it out!

We just got tons of snow, maybe two feet? To be honest, I am horrible at checking the weather reports!

We are going on vacation in just over two weeks! Cruise of the Western Caribbean this time (Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; and Ocho Rios, Jamaica). Seven days away from this super cold place! I can't wait! Ari is excited and has asked if we can get another "boat that we put air into"!

I think that is about it for us. Let's see if I can get into some sort of schedule!

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