Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Surprising Daddy, 3-year-old style!

Yesterday, my mother told Ari her cousin's birthday is coming up in February. Ari happily informed her grandma that her Daddy's birthday comes first. Brilliant me joined the conversation and told Ari we could bake Daddy a cake together and that it would be a surprise. She asked what type of cake it would be, what we would put in it, etc.

Fast-forward about half an hour... Ari and I come home.

Ari: Daddy, we have surprise for you. We make blueberry cake for you with milk and flour!"

I ended up baking the cake today so Ari could be part of the process, as opposed to baking it tomorrow morning, when everyone is gone. Tomorrow I'll prepare one of his favorite meals and I will not tell Ari ahead of time what that meal will be!

Silly kid! So darn cute!

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