Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Leapster, anyone?

So, apparently my 'crunchiness' has affected the way I shop! I am a big fan of getting Ari toys that are fun, educational and interactive as opposed to electronic toys where the child ends up playing by herself for extended periods of times if we don't set some boundaries. I don't think they are evil or anything, don't get me wrong. I think they are great, so long as we don't get so used to them that we stop spending a reasonable amount of time interacting with our kids.

So, all that being said, I have been hearing about the Leapster recently. I looked it up last night and it sounds super cool! One of the new games/attachments for it turns it into a camera. My Ari would so love that thing! Lately, she is borrowing our camera because she loves to take pictures. There are also Dora and Go Diego Go games that have to do with rescuing animals. You have no idea how many times in one day we pretend to save animals with ropes and other tools!

So... I am thinking about it. Do you know kids that have them? Do your kids have one? What do you think about them?

For those who are not familiar with the Leapster, but are curious, here it is:


  1. My daughter has the leapster explorer and she loves it. I thought she would be too young for it (3 in Oct), but she is doing great with it. Ironically, she doesn't do much with the camera. I thought for sure she would be taking tones of pictures with it since she would steal my phone to take pictures. We bought a lot of stuff on sale during Christmas time.

  2. We've got a Leapster "Scribble and Write," which is an alphabet attached to a screen. It's a neat little thing that The Boy has really enjoyed in the car lately. The cool thing about it: when you have it set correctly, you hit a letter. It tells you how to make the letter: "Start here, and draw a line to here. Then make a curved line from here to here." Little lights appear under the screen, and the kids trace on a drawing screen. When The Boy writes his letters on the chalkboard or paper, we hear him echoing those instructions while he does it.

    We don't have the other toys, but we're a fan of this one.