Friday, January 8, 2010

Whole grain Goldfish, really...!

We went shopping, and, suddenly, Amor Chiquito started saying "apitao, apitao..."

Translation: apitao = pescao = fish in Spanish.

Thanks to one of the grandmas, she has fallen in love with Goldfish. I figured we could get some because the only "junk food" in the house is chocolate Teddy Grahams.

Side note: I have nutrition-related goals and expectations for my family and for our daughter specifically. I am a strong believer that this is the time to guide her and help her form good habbits. I hope to teach her to enjoy food, but in a way that is reasonable and healthy. I don’t want nutrition to be an ongoing internal struggle, as it still is for me.

Back to apitao… We were looking at the options and, there it was, whole grain Goldfish!

Being the reluctant crunchy mama that I am, I fell right for it and got my child whole grain "junk food"! Oops, I meant treat!

For the record, they are not nearly as yummy, but they are close. And, what the heck, my daughter does not know better, not yet, anyways!

I compared the nutrition facts on The number of calories per serving is similar. There is more fiber and less sodium in the whole grain version, though.

On a different topic, Geeky Entrepreneur and I thought it was really funny that Kraft now makes "whole grain" mack and cheese! I put that in quotes because the pasta is only "50% whole grain."

We think it is ironic that one would be worrying about whole grains but being ok with eating fake cheese! If you eat and love mack and cheese, don't take it personal! We love thick and creamy Kraft mack and cheese too! We just know it should only be on our table once in a blue moon


  1. Oh yes! Whole grain goldfish were the only ones in our house for a long time. Then my SIL showed him extra flavor blast one time or the cheddar cheese (whatever it was) and well, he's not so happy with the whole grain anymore! Darn it!

  2. We try not to be too crunchy about junk food, but David feels really strongly about no junk food policy...Nahum was playing with a candy cane over Christmas and he had no idea what the thing was. It could have been made out of organic stevia and peppermint, but he thought it was a toy! We have some junk food catching up to do!

  3. Sometimes, it is frustrating that you, as a parent, try so hard to teach your child good eating habbits and some random relative looks at you like you are a weirdow and gives your child junk food.
    Yaminette, we are not as strict about it as David is, but Ari is definitely exposed to a lot more at my mother's house than she is here. I know that is what grandmas do, but Ari sees my mother very frequently, as in multiple times a week. It is a learning process for all involved... That is all I will say about it, before I get too carried away!

    Something to think about: would it be wiser to allow a small amount of junk food so the child can learn about balance? The child that is never exposed to junk food... Suddenly, she/he is in kindergarden, surrounded by it... Then what? Could that child begin to eat all the crap at school because mom and dad are not watching? The forbidden is always so appealing...

    Parenting provides so many topics to think/debate about!