Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vacation Time

We finally get to go on vacation! It's been years!

Tomorrow morning we fly to Baltimore and we cruise for a week. Bahamas, here we come!

This is our first time flying with Amor Chiquito. I am a bit anxious about it, but hopeful that she will do well. The length of the flight is an hour and 15 minutes. We are bringing snacks and a few activities to keep her busy, and, hopefully, happy.

Activities include:
playdo, scissors, tools to make stars, sun, etc.
laptop with Barney and Elmo dvd's (we might not be allowed to use the laptop, though.)

Those of you who have flown or driven long distances with little ones, any tips?

There are a few posts I am working on, but I might not get to them before we leave tomorrow morning.

If I don't get to post again before we leave, I hope everyone has a good, healthy week!

1 comment:

  1. I am super excited for you! You are such an amazing multi-tasking platelet donating mom!!!! Have fun and I am sorry I did not get a chance to call you. David has been really sick in bed with flu like symptoms only it is another type of infection... this will pass! Soak up the rays for us here in Boston!