Friday, January 8, 2010

Healthy Snack Suggestions

Geeky Entrepreneur and I were brainstorming, trying to come up with healthy snack ideas, specifically snacks that we can bring with us on short trips. Basically, Daddy realized each and every time we are in the car, Amor Chiquito asks for Teddy Grahams and he feels it would be good for her to have other, healthy options.

We came up with this list:
Nuts (if you have been able to confirm that your child is not allergic to them)
Teddy Grahams
Fruit (but things can get messy fast, particularly in the car!)
Smoothies (We get Danimals and Yoplait smoothies.)

What are some of your favorite to-go snacks?


  1. We love dried fruit, like you said craisins, but we often do a craisin/raisin mix, as well as apricots. Animal crackers, goldfish, teddy grahams, and vanilla wafers are on our cracker/cookie list. And then rice cakes are actually a big hit! Like you said fruit, but it's a little tough for on the go, but clementines (those small oranges) are a big hit and not too messy, you just have to peel in advance. So, really our list is very similar to yours!!

  2. Oh, I know a lot of people do fruit snacks, and things like those yogo bites...I have stayed away from those so far, I know once he enters the world of fruit snacks, that will be ALL he wants!

    Oh, and popcorn!

  3. Nahum loves pomegranate. You should try it with Ari. Also, he loves cashews and so far so good! I have to second the popcorn, with nutritional yeast of course!

  4. Yaminette, I will confess that I have never tried pemogranate! We'll give it a shot.

    Michelle, funny that you mention clementines. My husband loves them and he recently introduced Ari to them. She is absolutely in love with them! We are buying a box of them every week. It's been about 6 weeks and their obsession is still going strong! She has one or two every day.

  5. My daughter loves a plain ripe apple.
    The other day the FedEx man came to the door and she shouted at him, "I'M EATING AN APPLE!!!"
    The young man kind of smiled and muttered, "Uh, yeah, that's good for you."
    She also likes Clemmies and grapes (not too many - can give her diarrhea) and natural applesauce. We also do a LOT of popcorn (air popped, not the microwave stuff) - it's an easy, cheap, really healthy snack everyone likes.

  6. rice cakes & honey are good, but not too portable. Get the organic / low sodium ones for best benefit. We also keep a ready supply of noodles and black beans (rinsed of sauce and salt) for The Boy to eat!