Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crunchy Eating

I am getting so crunchy I shock myself!

My friend is visiting. She flew in from P.R. to see Ari! The hell with me and our 20-something year friendship; it’s all about Ari!

Anyways, she wanted to go to Antonio’s, a local restaurant that sells delicious pizza by the slice.

I still cannot believe my dinner. Something is wrong with me! Aliens are taking over!

My first slice: fresh mozzarella, tomato, mushroom and basil on pesto
My second slice: black bean, feta and avocado

I could not get over how delicious both slices were. I even had a few mushrooms without gagging!

The funny thing is that when Geeky Entrepreneur and I first met, he introduced me to the tomato basil slice and I absolutely hated it! Simply could not stand it. Furthermore, I would eat slices loaded with meat and would think to myself “he’s cute, but what a health nut”! Now, I eat vegetarian meals and I love them! Freakin’ weird!

No, no one get excited! You know who you are! I still insist that I will not become a vegetarian. I love meat, even if I don’t eat much of it! I believe in moderation and that includes my eating habits!

Oh, almost forgot… My daughter, the self-proclaimed vegetarian, enjoyed my friend’s chicken and bacon ranch pizza. I guess she figures it must be the super yummy, not healthy at all meat, not the healthy, white meat I cook at home? Who knows?!

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