Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She is fibbing already!

My daughter is outright fibbing to me! I have been telling her that it is time to change her diaper because she pooped. I ask her if she pooped. She says “no” and smiles! She keeps running away. She prefers to stand at the door and look outside, rather than get the poop off of her bum! That’s beyond me!

Different story… A while ago, Ari enjoyed running in circles around me. When she was standing in front of me, she would put her toy spoon in my mouth. That happened five or six times. Ari then switched to putting the spoon in her mouth and the handle in my mouth. Silly kid!

Lastly, Ari has recently become interested in going up the stairs backwards or sideways. I am unsuccessfully trying to talk her out of that.

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  1. Oh, man... The Boy does that all the time. He'll actually be pooping, and we'll say, "Are you making poopy?" He says, very seriously and intently, "Noooo..." He'll have 5 pounds of poo in his diaper and tell us "Nooo..." He'd rather keep doing what he's doing than go get changed. It's focus, I guess. 8)